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FIFA Infinity Patch 14 Support Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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    There are 16 teams in the KNVB Cup problem


      Guys i need some help.. I try running file master but it won't respond. An error window pops up and says that file master does not match with my windows 7 (64x) and that i should contact the creator.. Any ideas? I tried redownloading it but it's the same every time.. Thank you in advance


        If you have problems with this program then use a simillar one, like FHL-BH Editor or FIFA 14 Regenerator by iard. They do the same job, but I'm notsure will it work also on the loc files...


          hey team, as this is my first post, first of all i want to say hello to all!

          great patch overall, i just installed to try it out and have to say: great patch and great new features.

          however, when using the new added national teams (f.ex. CROATIA) and when going into the squad selection in the main menu
          the game freezes.

          my question is, in the description it says "playable in carrer mode".

          When i would be become the coach of one of the new added national teams are there any problems
          with the squad selection in career mode?
          or is it just in the main menu?


            Well, they are playable in career mode but it would be great it you edit the teams in CM14 so the new national teams have 23 players. Thanks to this you will be able t edit the rosters even in the options menu.. it was my mistake but it is fixed in the upcoming version 2.0


              Originally posted by darrek1988 View Post
              Well, they are playable in career mode but it would be great it you edit the teams in CM14 so the new national teams have 23 players. Thanks to this you will be able t edit the rosters even in the options menu.. it was my mistake but it is fixed in the upcoming version 2.0
              romanian league ?


                thanks darrek1988.

                have reduced croatian squad to 23 players, eveything works fine now, its fixed.

                thanks again!


                  Any solutions for installing with W7 64 bit?


                    file master 14 is not running..when i run it nothing happens even with run as administrator. i even tried the link of
                    but as i click download option, the adfly site opens and nothing happens. please help.



                      would you please explain a way to fix the ligue2 CL issue manually?

                      Which lines, files i have to change?

                      Havng ligue2 teams in the CL is kind of unplayable.

                      Please tell what there is to change?


                        I have the same problem with Wolves 2nd season 8th november and game crash without report...
                        Last edited by tastso; 05-26-2014, 11:36 AM.



                          let me also be the one to congratulate you on a great patch, but beside that, I have to notice that a lot of people here have the same problem as I do and nobody answered anything about them.

                          Problem is about crashing the game in second season (mostly early November).

                          You're not giving any answers to these problems because you don't know what is the bug about and how to solve it, or you're just missing these messages?

                          Hope I'll get any answer for this


                            Originally posted by Damien
                            Problem is that no one give us enough feedback to track down this bug.

                            What team do you use, what league, does the crash occurs before a league game, cup game or european game?
                            Hi Damien,

                            thanks for the reply! It doesn't matter which team I use, game crashers regardless. In my case, I play career mode with a Virtual Pro, member of Chelsea, on loan at Wigan. Game crashers a day before the mach, on 8th November (in my case) in my second season.

                            This is not a first time, I've already started over with career mode because of the same reason, but then crashes happen on last day of August. I've tried everything, like probably most people here with this problem, but I can't skip that day no matter what I do. When I was playing the game without Infinity Patch, there were no problems with crashes like this. Just to mention that I have a very serious gaming machine and it's not any hardware issue. If you need any additional information about this, I'm more than happy to help, as I see a lot of people having the same or similar problem.

                            Oh, one more thing - I'm not running a original game, but from the feedback I saw, that's not important issue, because a lot of people with original game have the same problems after installing the patch


                              Originally posted by Damien
                              From what I see the crash happens only when you play with an english team. My hipotesis regarding the bug is related to the english cups compdata. I'll talk with Darrek when he gets on about this.
                              Yeah, problem might be in English league and cups, but I can't guarantee anything because I haven't got so much time so far to test it with other leagues. It would be nice if others with this same problem could tell us which competition are they playing, so we could get a better picture and try to narrow down the problem.

                              Thanks once again! Hope we will find the solution for this fast


                                hello people this crash happend in engish league and 2nd season before a league game at early my case i begin with wolves in skybet footballleage and the game crash at 2nd season on skybet chambionship...i hop this help to you..good luck with this bug and thanks for this great patch!