Hello friends,

I gonna try to be concise and really I hope someone help me

I like so so much edit my FIFA 13, and I create a team buy a have a problem. Really I don't create a tema, I just replaced the team of the K-League called "Suwon Bluewings" and I modified the uniform, the flags, the adboards and other things...BUT! THE BIG PROBLEM IS!!! THIS TEAM OBVIOUSLY HAVE FLAGS BUT NOT HAVE WAVING FLAGS!. U just want to know if there's any way to assign a flag to this team, beacause for example when I installed the Moddingway to my FIFA 13, as all know into the folder "fifarna" there .lua files that remplace the original sceneassets files, like adboards, banners, faces, hair, etc! BUTTT!! there not a .lua file for "Flag" (I think the folder called flag in the original sceneassets folder corresponds to the WAVING FLAGS, I hope I'm not wrong hahaha) in this folder are .rx3 files, for example "flag_267.rx3" ....Is there any way to assign waving flags to a team? like the .lua files that we edit with notepad and can assign an especifica face id to a especific player.

NOTE: I tried with the Creation Master, in the Suwon Bluewings Team I tried to assign an .rx3 file that I take from Real Madrid, but in the game! NEVER ARE WAVING FLAGS WHEN BLUEWINGS TEAM PLAY!


Sorry if my ingles isn't very good but I'm latin american I do my best

Thank you so much people!