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FIFA 13 Wii U Modding

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    FIFA 13 Wii U Modding

    Hello, I'm trying to mod Fifa 13 for Wii U since its the only football game in the console, its a console that doesn't have received many 3rd party titles and because of that, I would like to update Fifa 13.

    So I extracted the game files and there are a lot of .big and .bh files just like the PC version, then I downloaded the latest version of Fifa File Explorer ( And it reads the .big files.

    In the most fo the cases the images inside the big files were recognized by the program but they appeared in Blank, with the big exception of the portraits of the players, the program lets you to import/export the DDS file, and also export/import them in PNG, so when you try to replace the file it works, but it doesn't let you save the changes, you can't do anything.

    So I tried to export them in DDS, but they are not readable by the image editing programs, I made a new DDS and imported it into the big file, that was the only way to change the player image, and it actually got saved into the big file!

    I imported my modded big file into the game and tested it and... It froze.

    That's all the progress that we have modding that game.

    I would like to ask if someone knows a better way to open the big and bh files and replace the DDS images since Fifa File Explorer its very buggy, I'm not the only one with the problem, since the comments of the download page say the same:

    I hope someone ever reads this since I don't think many people currently mod old Fifas.

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    FIFA for Wii U Modding

    Update: I managed to change a football player's picture by replacing it with one of other player, but I couldn't import a new one.
    FIFA for Wii U Modding


      Hola amigo. Yo también estoy editando el FIFA. Sólo me gustaría cambiar los peinados y las plantillas, ¿alguna idea de cómo hacerlo? Logré cambiar parte del menú, el splash, los vídeos de inicio y el logo de EA. Pero cuando modifiqué las banderas y escudos se me traba el juego.


        Si tienes Discord podemos hablar porque sería un buen proyecto para la comunidad de Wii U.