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.:: CRLP 12 V.2.0 ::.

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    .:: CRLP 12 V.2.0 ::.


    After many months of hard work the 2nd version of the Complete Romanian League Patch is here!We proudly present you the content of CRLP 12 V.2.0:

    • All 18 Liga 1 Bergenbier teams and all 32 Second League teams,containing:
    - Up to date rosters (15 April 2012)
    - Home, Away and some 3rd kits
    - High-Quality Logos
    - Approximately 90 player faces (Face List)
    - Real Club Budgets
    - Accurate player skills
    - Real player heights, weights and birthdays
    - Custom Team Tactics & Attributes
    • Romanian Leagues and Cup are featured in both Career Mode and Tournament Mode
    • Specific “Liga 1 Bergenbier” romanian referees, stadium adboards, team flags, scoreboards, official balls, chants and more
    • A whole bunch of free agent players
    • Revamped Romanian National Team
    • Many other key additions and touches added into the game that will take the patch quality to the next level
    • Small, fast, easy to use and beautiful looking patch installer


    • Unfortunately, because several new teams have been added, your old career will not work anymore,you must start a new one !!!

    1) After you have downloaded CRLP 12 – Volume 2, open the downloaded file (Complete Romanian League Patch 12 – Volume 2), starting this way the addon Installer.
    2) Make sure to select your FIFA 12 Folder (not the “Game” one !!!) when asked to browse your main FIFA folder path. For example, if your FIFA is installed in “D:\Games\FIFA 12?, select this directory in the Installer box and wait until the process is being finished.
    3) Regenerate.
    4)Have fun!

    In case you dont see the Liga I & Liga II try the next steps:
    1) Go to “My Fifa -> Edit -> Edit Squads -> Reset Squads”
    2) Regenerate using iard86 Regenerator 2 times (first 3rd option,after 1st option)

    FIFA-Infinity Team:
    • virtual_razvan – Database, kits, minifaces and GUI
    • Damien – Database, minifaces,banners,flags,installer and fonts
    • The-Clau – Kits
    • new maker – Kits
    • mihai20cm – Kits
    • mogolos – Kits
    • esteghal – Kits
    • darxxx – Balls
    • alex_10_arshavin – Faces
    • andu89 – Faces
    • LcK – Flags
    • Denis Tolca Marcel – chants,adboards, flags, minifaces
    • Lolo17 – kits
    • Merdiso – Team chants
    • AnDr3Y – Team Chants
    • zicstark – DigiSport ScoreBoard
    • MarinicaBr – Adboards
    • aRgonel – Minifaces
    • ovidiu10- Minifaces
    • unknown,mihnea976,bursuc,cosmin – beta testing
    • jschuck, regularcat, fifacctiu – patch support

    Special thanks:
    Thanks to Rinaldo for Creation Master 12!
    Thanks to scouser09 for Revolution Mod 12!
    Thanks to iard86 for i86 Regenerator!


    CRLP V2.0 problem

    Hey i don't know if it's okay to post here but i didn't see anything else....

    I have a problem with crlp volume 2,i downloaded and installed crlp,then regenerate,but when i go In-Game the teams aren't here and everything is wrong.
    Liga 2 Vest is in Scotland,in Romania is Eredivise, Etc...and no players or teams from Romania,and when you try to start a career,its loading but not working,i let it load 2 hours and nothing...Please help


      Re: .:: CRLP 12 V.2.0 ::.

      Regenerate again with the last option and afterwards with the 1st option.


        Re: .:: CRLP 12 V.2.0 ::.

        That didn't worked,still can't enter game modes

        -- Sat Apr 28, 2012 6:10 pm --

        so nobody is gonna help me? yeah,thx for my destroyed fifa


          Re: .:: CRLP 12 V.2.0 ::.

          Originally posted by Sergiu:!
          That didn't worked,still can't enter game modes

          -- Sat Apr 28, 2012 6:10 pm --

          so nobody is gonna help me? yeah,thx for my destroyed fifa
          It's not our fault that you cannot follow some simple install instructions mate.Read them carefully and follow them and the patch will work.

          For more help you can check this:



            Re: .:: CRLP 12 V.2.0 ::.

            transfers didn't work