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.:: Graphic Switcher 12 ::.

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    .:: Graphic Switcher 12 ::.

    FIFA 12 Graphic Swicher

    :: About
    This program allows you to quickly switch graphics in FIFA 12. Read help file before using.

    :: Running The Program
    The program is written in java and is .jar instead of .exe, it should execute as a .exe program usually would. If you can not run the program you may need to install Java on your computer.

    Backup any files you wish to edit before use!

    :: Regeneration Guide

    When FIFA needs to load a graphics file, firstly it checks the .bh files to find and entry showing where in the .big archives it is located. If no entry exists, it loads the files from the game's folders. Regenerating the game removes the entries of files in the game's folders from the .bh files to they are loaded instead.

    All files imported by this program are placed in the game's folders. Therefore, when a file is placed in the game's folders for the first time, the game needs to be regenerated. If all imported files overwrite files in the game's folders then regeneration is not necessary.

    i68 Regenerator or Creation Master 12 can be used for regenerating.

    :: Modes Guide

    Here is a guide to our setup of modes in this program. All of these are editable.

    All adboards will import to ID 1 for friendly and cup matches, also the ID of the domestic league where relevant.

    Each ball imports to a single ID, this is noted if a ball replaces a generic one.

    Each contains adboard ID 1, balls, popups, scoreboards, referee kits. Chosen ball IDs cover official balls of european first tier leagues and teams who qualified to UEFA Champions League group stage 2011/12.

    Adds all needed files.

    Adds all needed files.

    Each imports to one or more IDs where appropriate.

    Referee Kits:
    Adds all needed files.

    Each imports to one or more IDs where appropriate.

    :: Graphics
    The tool contains over 100 graphic files made of:adboards,scoreboards,popups,balls,turfs,referee kits and many more.

    Inside the tool you will find the General tab that contains 3 special modes:

    - Uefa Champions League Mode (Adboards,Ball,Popups,Scoreboard,Referee Kits)
    - Europa League Mode (Adboards,Ball,Popups,Scoreboard,Referee Kits)
    - Domestic Mode

    The domestic mode work as a restorer of the generic files after you apply the UCL/EL mode!

    So for example if you are in Career Mode and the next match is in UCL,just alt+tab,open the switcher,go to the UCL mode,import it,and get back to your game!
    After you finish the UCL match,alt+tab again,go to the switcher,select the domestic mode and restore back all the generic files to continue your championship matches!

    :: Adboard IDs Tutorial
    All teams use ID 1 for all matches except career mode league matches. You can get the career mode league IDs from the database (if you change the values in the database, they will not change in game).

    :: Ball IDs Tutorial
    Here you have the complete ID's list that we used to switch files:

    ID 1 EA SPORTS™ White / Black
    ID 5 Nike Seitiro - PL
    ID 6 Nike Seitiro - LFP
    ID 7 Nike Seitiro
    ID 11 Derbystar Brillant APS Eredivisie
    ID 16 adidas Speedcell
    ID 20 adidas Torfabrik
    ID 23 Puma - Ligue 1
    ID 25 Umbro Neo Pro - Black/White/Red
    ID 30 Mitre Tensile - SPL
    ID 31 Puma PowerCat 1.10
    ID 32 Puma King XL
    ID 44 EA SPORTS™ Black / Silver
    ID 46 EA SPORTS™ Black / White #2
    ID 47 EA SPORTS™ Black / Yellow
    ID 51 EA SPORTS™ Blue

    Try to set as default to your FIFA 12 one of the balls above!

    If you switched a ball pay attention to the ID in the name.
    For example you switched the MLS Prime ball that has the ID 46.Go above and see what ball has been replaced,in this case the ball EA SPORTS™ Black / White #2,select it before your game and play!

    :: Overlay IDs Tutorial

    Here is a guide for overlay IDs, overlays include scoreboards and popups. This guide is incomplete. The countries noted indicate which clubs and national teams use that ID.

    Overlay Set IDs

    0 - Rep. Korea, USA
    2000 - England, Rep. Ireland, Scotland
    3000 - France, Netherlands, Norway, Russia
    4000 - Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark
    5000 - Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Sweden, Australia
    6000 - Spain, Belgium
    7000 - Brazil

    Overlay Type IDs

    2 - Scoreboard

    To get the ID for a particualar overlay, add the set ID to the type ID. For example, a scoreboard to be used for english teams would use ID 2000 + 2 = 2002. If you want an overlay file to be used by more countries, copy that file and use the appropriate ID for the copy. For example, if you wanted a scoreboard to be used by all teams, make a copy for IDs 2, 2002, 3002, 4002, 5002, 6002 and 7002.

    :: When To Use
    All graphics can be switched when the game is not running. Most things, including kits, balls and adboards can be switched before loading a match. Overlays can actually be switched mid match, enter and exit the pause menu to see changes. You can access the program while the game runs by either pressing alt and tab keys, or the Windows key on your keyboard.

    :: Program Credits
    scouser09 - Program and Setup
    Damien - Interface Graphics, Setup, Installer

    :: Patch Credits
    Editing Generation (2pi)
    Danilo Pinheiro
    Timo The Owl


    Re: .:: Graphic Switcher 12 ::.

    Please a i need some help ..i dont understood the scoreboards ID if i wanto Premier League i put 2002 but if i want scotland teams what i put ? Do your program put the scoreboards always in same file ? independent the scoreaboard i choose it always substitute teh same scoreboard...if possible post all ids of leagues .EX : scoreboard Russian League, Eredivise, Bundesliga Etc... one more thing the scoreboards didint stay on the correct place im my FIfa..thanks very much and sorry but i dont speak english and i am knew editor in fifa for pc