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Xbox 360 or Playstation 3

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    Re: Xbox 360 or Playstation 3

    i'll say 3rd time and it's my last time on this subject.
    if you want to understand,good,if you don't want,please don't post because you posted 3 times same thing(ps3 have room for improvements if they want to improve).i know what you think
    i posted informations,different informations and on this post i will say something different because your point of view can be "putted down on the ground" from many directions

    it will be a stupidity if sony or microsoft or both want to improve the console.
    why? because everybody use same system(hardware) and that's verry good for online don't need to have an expensive isp(internet service provider).some are living in locations where it isn't fiberlink cable or seedbox/ovh and have a crappy isp(italia telecom,romtelecom,etc).but thanks to this system,the people with crappy isp can play online without any problems,even they are from different continents
    a good example it's fifa 11 online.i played 11 vs 11 with no lag and it was awesome
    try to play fifa 11 online pc 5 vs 5 and you'll have lag sometimes or maybe a lost conection because all have different systems,different graphic card,different graphic in game(not all players play on verry low graphic details,just who has dual core or a powerfull single core,the others with quad core and better graphic card will play on high details).

    i put the problem hypothetical
    when you say ps3 has room to improve,that's means graphic card,but if it's to powerfull then must change everything(motherboard firstly).if you put a powerfull motherboard then you can put and a powerfull proccesor.but in the final will not be ps3,will be ps4
    and if they put just a graphic card who's compatible with the actual motherboard,it will be a stupidity.the online mode on console will have same problems like online mode on pc

    and if i think like you,even xbox 360 has room for improvements(mostly graphic card and a bigger and reliable hdd)
    the best graphic card in 2004-2005 had pixel shader 3.0,so can upgrade at 5.0(but in 2014 the graphic cards will have much higher pixel shader and video quality)
    so you don't understand
    both console can be improved,more or less(not just ps3)
    but this will never happen

    when you say "...but the PS3 can still improve, the X-BOX is at the end" and you don't write what parts can be improved at ps3 and why(specifically)xbox360 can't be,your opinion isn't believable without good examples

    lots of kids praise ps3 because has a better graphic card(but the difference is so small) and life time more extended(10 years ps3 and 4 years xbox360,here it's a big diference)
    the battle ps3 (has nvidia) vs xbox360(has ati) it's like the battle between nvidia vs ati
    on the next gen console microsoft will improve the life time

    if you like ps3 and have an ps3,be happy
    if you think ps3 has room for improvements,you will be unhappy
    if you try to impose to others to buy ps3 just because you like ps3 and you think has room for improvements,you loose your time
    you can't really say the graphic it's better because has the same level of high definition 1080 p.maybe on ps3 the shadows have more features but xbox360 has more powerfull colors

    "I play on PC, but i think the PS 3 is better than the X-Box 360"
    i loose my time with a kid who doesn't have an fault because i wasn't carefully


      Re: Xbox 360 or Playstation 3

      "I play on PC, but i think the PS 3 is better than the X-Box 360"
      i loose my time with a kid who doesn't have an fault because i wasn't carefully
      Yeah, so why do you even answer?

      You said the PS3 has 7 CPU's but didn't use all.
      I said nothing different, not more .

      And I didn't talked about the graphics .


        Re: Xbox 360 or Playstation 3

        X360 vs PS3
        xbox 360 winner

        round 1:
        round 3:
        round 4:
        round 5:
        round 6:
        round 7:
        round 8:
        round 9:
        round 10:
        round 11:
        round 12 finale:

        see round 12 at time 15:08 and see gpu(video card winned by xbox360),multiplatform games(again xbox360,better quality on xbox360) and the future represent xbox360
        lasse pulkkinen maded the best diferences betwwen xbox360 and ps3