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FIFA 09 - 2018/2019 Update Patch

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  • FIFA 09 - 2018/2019 Update Patch

    I am glad to anounce you that this summer i will launch my FIFA 09 2018/2019 Update Patch.It will contain all 30 Leagues and and all 41 nationall teams plus Rest Of The world teams .
    -All originall players faces up to date
    -All transfers up to date.
    -All kits home/away (and posible) third kit up to date
    -All originall and up to date official balls
    -Scoreboards for each league
    Also i will program and create a TV Popups+Scoreboard Selector
    I will fix the "no sliding tackle" glitch with gamepad.
    I do this cause i enjoy fifa 09 (08 & 10 too) but it has no serious updates.
    I will start posting Images/videos with my work in progress next week
    Last edited by radu1984; 03-26-2019, 05:18 AM.

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    Eagerly waiting for it mate!


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      Good morning and thank you Damien , i hope you will enjoy it !


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        Coming soon , my first videos/images of the begining of my work . I can't promise when but the Swedish first league is the first league to be updated "Allsvenskan" .
        Next week Spoiler N°1 of the FIFA 09 2018-2019 Update ! Stay tuned !
        Last edited by radu1984; 03-28-2019, 09:51 AM.


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          I am sorry to anounce that my pc's motherboard "died" this evening , i will have to take a sad brake from the project as i cant get too soon a new one