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Womens models in Career mode

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    Womens models in Career mode

    Hey all,

    New member.

    So I have two daughters and have been working to create a PC mod that puts them, and their local premier level soccer team, in FIFA 20 career mode. Its simply for the fun of playing Fifa as themselves.

    I started by creating Womens models using the FIFA player creator. I then used RDBM to move those players onto a Premier league team. I also created mini-faces and reassigned the IDs per other tutorials.

    Everything works with one exception. When cut scenes or closeups happen of the women players, the skin of their necks overlaps with the jerseys for a really odd and ugly look.

    Anyone else try to put another gender in career mode? Anyone else have a way to fix this? I tried moving the entire womens league team into Premier League, but that just crashes the game.


    Actually, I think I solved this. For anyone who cares, here was my problem.

    I made the Minifaces and swapped out IDs per the technique to put minifaces on custom players. I changed IDs in every table except the createdPlayers table. Once I swapped those I was gold.