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    Fifa Lozan Channel

    Hello, here is the thread for my both Channel on youtube.

    We are some friends from Switzerland, we are all about 30 years old (we are old players ) with a lot of differents nationalitys and we play since 2009 to Fifa but in the past we was all fans of PES and Winning Eleven.

    here is our first channel:
    Fifa Fuma Lozan Channel (exclusively videos of Full Manual's settings games) on PS3, PC (modded)

    but with the problem of the access of the settings in a season game, i stop to play for this season, hope ea will fix that
    so there is the new channel now:

    Fifa Lozan Channel (Club Pro (Lozan Fuma), Road to Division 1) PC (modded),PS3

    if you want to join us in the club or just for some games, you can contact me with my origin ID: Kunpup82 or on PS3 : puppa

    bye everybody
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    good channels with good gameplay


      what console is this on ?