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LLHGames FIFA Channel (Also my most harsh pack opening)

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    LLHGames FIFA Channel (Also my most harsh pack opening)

    Hey folks, my name is Lee and I am on YouTube as LLHGames!

    If you would like to check my channel, you are very welcome to do so here.

    Attached is my best (Yet worst) YouTube video. I do a series called "Coin Toss Pack Opening" And I had my biggest discard in this video here. Please sub for new videos regularly!

    Nice channel!


      Hey thanks man! Sorry for the late reply, been working all week lol


        NEW CAREER MODE! (Screw Lizard Squad)

        Hey guys, I am starting a new career mode series and would love your feedback (And player recommendations if possible)

        In episode one we play 1 friendly and the Capitol One Cup Game.

        Please like and sub if you want to see more pack openings, wagers and more of this career mode!



          The Full Manual Challenge!! (REALLY HARD)

          I was asked in the comments of a previous video, to try the Full manual challenge that some other YouTuber's have been doing, so here is my shot.


            must be too difficult


              MASSIVE IN FORM PULL! Coin Toss Pack Opening

              Hey guys, be sure to leave a like and sub if you haven't, my biggest in form pull since doing YouTube, another big pack opening coming soon as well, recording a 12000 Fifa Point opening on Monday


                Sturridge's Road To Glory #4

                Latest episode of what will hopefully be a long running series.

                Divisions 10 and 9: Non Rare Bronze

                8 & 7: Rare Bronze

                6 & 5: Non Rare Silver

                4 & 3: Rare Silver

                2: Non rare Gold

                1: Any Players