Hi guys, I'm working since a few days to see if it's possible to include mods in Fifa 18 for Switch, I have dumped all the game files from the switch version and I saw that the structure of the files there are very similar to the Fifa 16, so I have tried to open the .big files with CG File Explorer 16 and yes, the tool open the files and I was able to extract all the files. But my problem becomes when I try to edit anything of the .big file, the tool doesn't saves anything, I can't change the shirts for example of the .rx3 files, the save option doesn't works. So here is where I come to ask you for help to see what can I do, I also tried with the Fifa File Explorer tool by Jenkey1002 and when I try to save the .big file with it's modifications, the file of 3,9 GB turns into another one of 2GB and it's obviously corrupted and the game doesn't boot. Here you have some screenshots of the CGFile Explorer and the files directory. If anyone wants to help I can share those files with you to try to bring mods to Fifa 18 for switch https://imgur.com/a/sE9HvmP