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Andys graphics and mods Fifa18

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    I hope that more patches will come...


      Update 4 Big Germany Patch Fifa 18

      Download: Update4-NewCurrent-Version

      Included in the DL are the two files for the Mod Manager, the project file for the Frosty Editor and separately the database.
      This update contains a new database, with a squad dated 14/12/2017, which means that the folder "squads" has to be deleted (if available) and a new career has to be started!
      This update replaces all previous updates and the original patch, but only for the current Fifa 18 version!
      So there only has to be Update 4 in the Mod Manager!


        Premier League Patch Version 2.0 Current Fifa Version 18

        Here, as promised, the new version with Squad of 14.12.2017!

        Download: PL-Patch-Fifa18-v2

        You have to start a new career and delete your squad file!
        Version 1 is no longer needed!

        Have fun with the patch!


          EFL Championship:


            Version 3.0 PL Patch FIFA 18

            This latest version is based on version 2.0 and contains new graphics and also an updated database!
            So definitely a new career has to be started!


            League Logos:

            UEFA Supercup
            EFL Carabao Cup

            Tournament Graphics:

            EFL Carabao Cup

            new animated Adboards:

            EFL Carabao Cup
            FA Cup
            EFL Championschip

            The download includes the Mod files for the Mod Manager and the Project file for the Frosty Tool!

            DOWNLOAD: PL-Patch-Fifa18-v3


              Premier League Patch Version 3.1 for the current Fifa18 Version (23.01.2018)


                Big Germany Patch FIFA 18:

                Here, as promised, all files, including the database tables, from the Big Germany patch Fifa 18.
                In addition, here are also all World Cup18 jerseys in there and the kit numbers from the DLC.

                DOWNLOAD: Files_for_big-german-patch18

                Download Size 313,87 MB!

                Supplement of the files:

                Bundesliga Ball 2018/19: (Thanks to The Crew)


                Language Databases: (Ger, Eng, Spa, Ita)


                additional DB tables:


                Files for the Premier League Patch FIFA 18



                database tables for the animated adboards EPL
                Files animated adboards EPL

                all other graphics are already included in the Big Germany patch (files)

                Have Fun with the Files!


                  my first work on FIFA 19:

                  of course, animated adboards are already in progress...