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    Frosty Editor / Frosty Mod Manager

    First of all so you know it's real:

    Hey guys,

    a couple of days ago a friend of mine showed me this tool which has enabled Modding for Frostbite Games (SW:BF, Mass Effect Andromeda and the new Mirrors Edge) so I got in touch with GalaxyMan over the issues Page on the github Project to ask him to try and add support for FIFA 17.

    So he added me on discord and I just have to tell you, this guy is amazing! He got exporting and importing of textures working in just under 2 and a half hours.
    He is in the process of adapting some things for FIFA so everything in his Tool works but it seems like there's finally hope of getting Mods in FIFA 17 to work.

    There is probably going to be a beta test so if you're a mod creator and want to test out the tool when it's ready send me a Private Message and I'll send you an invite.

    GalaxyMan made a thread in the moddingway forums (I don't know if I'm allowed to link to it here?) so this is probably where he's going to post a download when it's ready.
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    Hi! My Name is Redmessi and I am the Main Designer of the german official proclubs league. I am really interested in this. And if you need someone to work with you just tell me I will help you. I have all databases since fifa 15 and i know where we can find any stuff. Just tell me if you need help