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Creationmaster 16 Error opening files

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    Creationmaster 16 Error opening files

    Hi Guys,

    CM16 gives me a error when opening the files for the first time.
    It's in Dutch but problably you understand and can help me out with this, because I can not go any further so far..

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Dutch: Kan een gedeelte van het pad D:\FIFA16\FIFA 16\dlc/dlc_footballcompeng/dlc/footballcompeng/data/compdata/compobj.txt niet vinden.
    English: A portion of the path D: \ FIFA16 \ FIFA 16 \ dlc / dlc_footballcompeng / dlc / footballcompeng / data / comp data / compobj.txt not found .

    CM16 requires the compdata files to be extracted. The need files are in Creation Master 16\Templates\dlc, copy all into FIFA 16\dlc.


      My English friend from Liverpool, you are brilliant!

      Problem solved.

      I work for a Premier League club in the Netherlands , if you are able to visit once, be my guest!



        I did not want to specially open a new thread.
        Does anybody know if the intent is with the double figures since the CM16 or even a "bug" which is eventually resolved, or simply not hourly time "blemishes", which you can ignore?
        Or does it have a new feature on with the double figures?


          Nothing to worry about Anamorph, at least as far as i can see