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FIFA Studio 16

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    FIFA Studio 16

    FIFA Studio 16 Announcement
    New generation of EA SPORTS FIFA game series editor since 2016 version

    - Database Manager
    • Nations & Countries
    • Leagues
    • Teams
    • Players
    • Kits
    • Balls
    • Boots

    - File Manager
    • BIG Archives
      • Read
      • Write
      • Create
      • Import/Export Files
    • BH Files
      • Read
      • Write
      • UI Base File Management
    • RX3 Files
      • Import/Export Parts
      • Manage Textures (Import/Export)

    Screens | These screens just for shown progress of project and UI shown in this screens may change in future

    Develops & Release
    (None)-(Release Date)



    - - - Updated - - -

    # Reserved for additional information

    (10/21/2015) | According to necessity of Fifa community about user interface based database editor, I have decide to release first beta version with just database edit option
    (11/02/2015) | First screens and first beta release data, additional information about features released in 3/11/2015, or maybe soon (Not done in exact date, because of problems)
    (11/10/2015) | First screens revealed

    Steps done yet:
    • Load Main Database
    • Manage Locale Database
    • Load Langugae Database
    • Load & Manage BIG, BH Archives
    • Load BIG, BH Parts
    • Nations, Load, Save & Creation
    • Leagues, Load, Save & Creation
    • Textures Management, Import & Export (DDS, PNG)

    Important Note :
    - The exact cause of delay is because of re-writing functions in about 3 or 4 times to find out the fastest way of load and save, Good news is this works done and everything scheduled

    good luck for your works


      Thank for tools! Hope tools working with .big file FIFA Online 3 Nexon.


        hi LeoArsalan
        domage you have abandoned the project!
        this tool would have been useful and supplementary to CM16
        and our community, lack of Toolmakers
        hope to see you soon with a similar project for futur fifa