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fifa 16 patch serious problem

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    fifa 16 patch serious problem

    hello, i have some serious issues with fifa 16 infinity patch v2.0, can you help me please ?

    what i have done :

    - I have fifa 16 with origin
    - no mod before
    - downloaded fifa 16 infinity patch v2.0
    - extracted the rar file
    - copied all contents of "manuel install" into the game folder
    - downloaded creation master 16
    - now game wont open, crashes on start
    - regenerated bh by following this video :
    - game still crashes
    - repaired game from origin
    - now game starts normally

    what happened ( only viewing galatasaray for changes ) :

    - kit have updated successfully
    - player photos updated successfully
    - all players are the same, NOT updated
    - player names are broken. seriously broken. wesley sneijder is now "torrejon ", lukas podolski is now "romelu" , van persie is now "vieira rodrigues". all player names are broken

    what did I do wrong? any help pls

    thanks in advance.