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Teams from the rest of the world

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    Teams from the rest of the world

    Hi, I have a question and it's about two teams. In the mod that I currently use they appear in 'Rest of the World' but since this one is different I do not know. The teams are Peñarol and Nacional, from Uruguay.
    If they appear it would be great since I want to update the kits and so on.

    Another question is whether before
    'Patch 16 2.0' I have to install something.

    Is this about FIP16 V2.0?


      Yes, it's about FIP ​​16 V2.0.
      Although I just bought fifa 19. Now I'm looking for some mod for fifa 19 in which these teams are.


        FIP16 does not currently include either team. What you could do is to use Creation Master 16 to export the teams as CMP files from your existing patch and then import them into FIP16.

        To the best of my knowledge, no FIFA 19 mod includes those teams.