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Help with FIFA 16 - Creation Master New Tournament

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    Help with FIFA 16 - Creation Master New Tournament

    Good morning, I apologize for the trouble (I hope to find myself in the right place to insert this thread).
    I will try to be brief and concise, I would need someone to help me with the creation of the tournament to enter a sixth level in the Italian championship. At present, the scheme is composed as follows:

    A league
    B series
    Lega Pro 1 *
    Lega Pro 2 *
    Series D *

    * NB = These three alloys were made with a patch.

    I've already created 24 teams and I've put them in the championship named "Excellency". I am creating roses and kits, but when I start the game, everything works out of my career, where in this case I disappear the D series and replace it with the League Excellence and in addition inserts me another championship called " Ico "with the K Leauge inside. A sort of bug that I can not solve in any way. Does anyone know why? I would really appreciate it!

    Guys I want to make the idea better with images:

    Then, in the pictures I posted to you, as you can see, the friendly situation goes great, the game works perfectly with all six Italian championships. The problem lies in the career mode where, as I said, the game does not crash, but has a bug because at the time of team selection I disappear the D series (which is replaced by Excellency) and as last league I compare this:

    Which corresponds to the K Leauge. The odd thing is that if you choose one of the teams in the league called "ico" you will automatically send it back to the Korean Championship. The good thing is that once the team is selected, going to see the charts, the championships are properly inserted, so the problem essentially only occurs when choosing the team

    I ask for help here because moddingway 3.5.0 was used to use the original logos and leagues. I would not like the championship I created from scratch with ID 36 in conflict with the Korean championship, namely the K Leauge. This is the setup of the moddingway.