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Customized teams in a VPRO community

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    Customized teams in a VPRO community

    Hi guys, I represent a community of more of a thousand people in Spain. We play the Pro Clubs game mode. We've organized a community since a few years back where we play tournaments. We have different clubs, divisions and some teams have around 13-15 players. We play every night an official match and we play against other Europe teams. We're known as FVPA Spain.

    My job there is being the mod head. I'm leading a project which consists in customize lower teams kits and shields to our owns. In example, we don't use to play with lower teams in England, so we edit these kits with our desired and our own team shield.

    Me and my team at mod arrange a package for them and then they download it. It's only the sceneassets/kits with customized RX3 files. Also the DDS files with the customized shields. They also download File Master and regenerate. Nothing special.

    But we have a problem since the start of this FIFA edition. We've deceided to not use Creation Master because we've noticed in other editions of FIFA that it causes many errors with career mode, pro clubs and seasons, just to name a few.

    Our problem is the next one. We're using customized RX3 files for kits. As far as I know, we can edit the PNG images inside. All good... But we didn't found the way to change the kit numbers and name font, such as it's colors. We pretend to design a customized font and kit number, but we didn't found the way to customize it make the game to load a specific kit number. Also, some teams think that would be cool to change their collar and we actually can't do it.

    I've been checking out in the Internet and I've found you. I've seen your mod called Revolution Mod can do somethin like this, but unfortunately I'm not an expert and I've been unable to get succeed with it.

    I've downloaded the mod, installed and regenerated. Also changed the features for a customized RX3 (assigning the Barclay's Premier League kit numbers as I've seen in the examples) but unsuccessfully. I've also seen over there that this can't be done for Pro Clubs or online game mode.

    I don't like to disturb but we're desperate with it. Any help would be thankful!


    PS: this is our community page

    First, RM16 has a thread for support here:

    RM16 should allow you to alter kit numbers and collars on kits, even when playing pro clubs. Can you give me details of what exactly you have done so I can troubleshoot? Include file names and/or statements.


      I took a look at my code and I can confirm that there is an issue which will prevent kit assignments working in pro club mode. I am currently testing a solution which will be included in the next version of RM16 (V1.2). Try your assignments again after V1.2 is released and let me know if there is still an issue.


        Thank you so much! Looking forward.