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FIFA Infinity Patch 16 (18/19 Edition)

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    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 (18/19 Edition)

    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 v.2.2


    V2.2 CHANGES

    -Fixed CL/EL wrong qualifications bug.
    -Fixed boot manager bug.
    -Fixed generated player names in career mode.
    -Fixed issue where a small number of players were headless.
    -Added some missing assets.
    -Added new generic adboards.
    -Added new boots.

    V2.1 CHANGES
    -Added Boot Manager tool.
    -Added FIFA Club World Cup.
    -Added FC Cincinatti to rest of world.
    -Added cup finals only compdata variation.
    -Transfer update (All teams now have rosters accurate after January transfer window).
    -Kit update (all teams now have 18/19 kits).
    -Premier League popups replaced with current international broadcast graphics.
    -New adboards (most teams now use real or league generic).
    -Improved EA management AI (reduces weak line-ups for opponents in career mode).
    -Fixed issue when creating in-game custom tournaments results in crashing.
    -Converted 3D wipe league logos.
    -Added some custom wipes.

    -All leagues and teams including Brasileirão, Chinese Super League, German 3. Liga and Japanese J1.
    -Rosters (from April 2019 squad file).
    -Kit numbers and name fonts.
    -Mini faces.
    -Team, league and tournament logos.
    -Finance (budgets, transfer fees, prize money).

    -Russian Premier League (not in FIFA 19).
    -Greek Super League.
    -Czech Fortuna Liga.
    -Romanian Liga I.
    -New rest of world teams, including Crvena Zvezda and all missing teams from 18/19 UEFA Europa League group stage.
    -New national teams, including all missing teams from 2018 FIFA World Cup finals.

    -All generic team names, tournament names, logos and kits replaced with real ones.
    -All 18/19 UEFA Champions League teams have real competition kits. Most have real kit numbers.
    -Referee kits for some leagues.
    -Real kit numbers for some teams.
    -Realistic crowd sizes (by league).
    -Real sleeve patches for UEFA competitions.
    -New adboards.
    -New boots with assignments.
    -New balls.
    -Simplified main menu.
    -Revolution Mod 16 included.

    -Career mode compdata (default).
    -Tournament mode compdata (additional tournaments in tournament mode, career mode will not work). Real or random group variations available, also tournament finals only.

    -Assign boots to players.


    -This program allows you to choose which domestic cups are available in career mode with some additional options. All can not be active due to limitations. Please note that this program has not been fully tested.


    scouser09 – Patchmaking, Database, Kits, Graphics
    Nafer – Database, Graphics
    Mogolos – Database, Kits, Minikits
    Damien – Database, Graphics, Artwork
    DecoRuiz – Database, Kits, Minikits
    dogfood09 – Database
    Roman Hovorka – Database – Kits, Minikits
    Semhsdorf11 – Kits, Minikits
    The Crew – Kits, Minikits
    diazjesux – Kits, Minikits
    carrasco1live – Kits, Minikits
    victorhugob15 – Kits, Minikits
    Pedro10do7 – Kits, Minikits
    Makispla – Kits, Minikits
    Josepa94 – Kits, Minikits
    Robmar85 – Kits, Adboards
    L77 – Kits
    OlliX – Kits
    Emi Stark – Kits, Minikits
    devil 9 – Kits
    Rorschach – Kits, Minikits
    Caio Morais – Kits, Minikits
    DjonatanJG – Kits, Minikits
    Lusitania_15 - Kits
    df10 – Kits
    Voleck – Kits
    ZiJeSrbin – Kits
    TonyKroos – Kits
    Cappo92 – Kits
    FifaMan017 – Kits
    Ovide – Minikits
    Anamorph – Adboards, Graphics
    achiles1919 – Adboards
    ivansoto18 – Adboards
    rique – Adboards
    luiz_fer – Adboards
    uomomagnetico – Adboards, Banners
    DrDoooMuk - Adboards
    Pistolitas - Adboards
    The Danish - Adboards
    PaoloDNY - Adboards
    tokke001 - Boot Pack
    nabo78 - Boots, Boot Pack
    Pao4ever – Boots, Minikits
    eddyedwards1075 - Boots
    Nikhit - Boots
    pillowbiter - Boots
    john_shadow8 - Boots
    mrBear1991 - Boots
    xuskan - Boots
    Hemiunu - Boots
    mh25 - Boots
    Alex_10 - Boots
    Ayoub AS7 - Boots
    rout - Boots
    christophe83460 – Graphics
    Leandro Ariagno – Graphics
    graysky - Graphics
    darrek1988 - Graphics
    eafh - Popups
    mita996 - File Extraction
    JORDINA JESSE - File Extraction
    yokaido - File Extraction
    The Wizard - File Extraction
    kimonos - Testing
    Rinaldo – Creation Master, DB Master, FifaLibrary16.dll

    V2.0 (Required)

    V2.1 (Update files only)

    V2.2 (Update files only)
    Last edited by scouser09; 08-25-2019, 03:22 PM.

    Some notes:

    This patch should be used with a clean install. This is important as it is possible there could be some conflict with a different patch. If you choose to install in over another patch, then you must troubleshoot any issues yourself.

    For those who consider the patch content lacking in some area, please consider that there is additional content I would like add, but was omitted for time reasons. Continuing development would have delayed the release by at least one month, maybe even until after the 18/19 season has ended. I consider this to be a good point for a release. I would like to make an update at some point with some additional content and updates.

    Teams not in FIFA 19 have 18/19 squads, but before the January transfer window. These are likely to be updated in a later version.

    Some Romanian, Czech and ROW teams still have 17/18 kits. At least some of these will be updated in a later version.

    All teams in UEFA leagues from FIFA 19 have kits without sleeve logos so competition badge overlays can be applied. This will allow you to play UEFA CL/EL matches with the same look as FIFA 19 PC. This does not apply to all new teams.

    If you have any issues, please give plenty of information. Screenshots can be helpful in some cases. Mention any relevant modifications you have made.

    The patch does not contain any faces as some, particularly converted faces, work for some people but crash for others. If you have added faces to your game and experience crashing, please eliminate the faces as a cause before reporting the crashing as a bug.

    There is a team called "Rest of World" which contains many additional players. This team is hidden in game and in career mode for stability reasons.


      Oh man, there goes all the work I had to personalize my FIP with African leagues...
      I wish there was a kit creator like the one in PESMaster so I wouldn't take so much time making them - graphics have always been my weak point.

      Not that it's a bad thing to update, not at all, it's just that sometimes I like to work on a patch for myself - I mean, if it's not bad for you; I don't redistribute the work I do with anyone - and it takes me a long time just to make some tweaks, because I've been carrying the idea of a truly worldwide football game ever since I first played This Is Football 2005 (I discovered SWOS a bit later, but that deserves some credit too) and I've been trying to do as much as possible within the games' limits (or look for something) to achieve that. So far, I think the old Career Expansion Patches for FIFA 07-09 came the closest, but this is very nice too.
      Last edited by AcidRain; 04-03-2019, 08:39 PM.


        Hello mate!

        I want to know, which african leagues do you have? Could be interesting to play in one of those leagues.



          Egypt and South Africa, plus a few extras on Rest of World. I had also Algeria and Nigeria at one point, but had to excise them because of schedule.txt constraints.
          To be honest, though, I CMP'ed them off the Arab Eagle Patch, but I updated the teams to season 16-17 (to work with FIP 1.0) - meaning I deleted the relegated teams and added the promoted ones - and corrected some player data when adding them to FIP. They do a good service for African football (and I also took some of their Middle East teams and placed in Rest of World to make a redux AFC Champions League), but their research work, quite frankly, is pretty sloppy, even for kits (I had to improvise an away kit for Zamalek because they didn't even include one, for example). So if I had the time and talent, I'd try to add everything myself instead of just importing and editing assets.
          Last edited by AcidRain; 04-04-2019, 10:09 AM.


            Great mate, I've sent you a Private Message.



              Version 2.1 has been released, link is in first post.


                Version 2.2 has been released, link is in first post.