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Reputation System

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    Reputation System

    Reputation System

    • Reputation is a point based reward system.
    • Every member starts out with 1 reputation point and one rep power.
    • You can view your current reputation by going to your User Control Panel.
    • You can give reputation by clicking the icon below a users post.
    • Reputation is not subtracted from your total when you give it.

    • You must reach 3 posts before your reputation hits count on others.
    • You're allowed to + rep for helpful posts, guides that were helpful to you, for your completed GFX/Mods requests, for programs/tools that were helpful to you, etc.
    • You're not allowed to - rep someone if you think he/she is a jerk, you need a serious reason!
    • You must give reputation to 3 other members before you can give reputation to the same user again. This does not mean that you should go repping three other people right away for pointless things in order to give someone rep again.
    • You're only allowed to + rep 10 users in 24hr! (You don't have to.)
    • The global reputation power limit is 25.

    How to Gain Reputation Power
    • You'll gain 1 reputation power for every 180 days registered.
    • You'll gain 1 reputation power for every 250 posts.
    • You'll gain 1 reputation power for every 50 reputation points earned.

    Remember, abusing the reputation system is not allowed under any circumstances! You can get up to 3 days ban or even a Permenent Ban if you abuse the repuation system!
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