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  • Hey there

    My name's Andy, I'm Brazilian, and I have been playing FIFA ever since I was a kid, with FIFA Soccer 96 on the Super NES.
    In fact I think I played most of the main series games up until now (I only skipped 97, 06 and 12, and if demos don't count, 17 too). I've never been a top player, but I always had a lot of fun with these games, which also included playing with teams I know and support here in my country. To be very honest, I'm a fan of football games in general since the 16-bit era, so I play PES sometimes too... And I also used to play Super Formation Soccer, Striker, This Is Football and so on when I was younger.
    Anyway, that's about it for now.

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    I've played FIFA for years and really enjoy this game


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      I am also a huge fan of FIFA and love playing this game.


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        My borther and I are like... obsessed with this game. FIFA is our childhood.
        Nice to meet you btw