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Nike Mercurial Veer Ball Pack

New ball pack is ready for you today!Our modder darxxx created another ball pack containing 5 different Nike Mercurial Veer Balls for your FIFA 11!

The pack contains:

– 1 Uefa Cup Ball

– 1 red/white ball

– 1 blue/white ball

– 1 hivis ball

– 1 orange ball

You may discuss everything about this patch here on our forum.


About Damien

Founder of, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. cool but please try one with nike t90 ascente and nike t90 omni :”>

  2. great work but not quiet a ball everyone likes to use
    try something like nike t90 ascente or f50 elite pro

    !!!!!cheers great work keep up!!!!!

  3. Guys, the balls you’re talking about are already in the game, someone just needs to find a way to make them playable, and I’m sure it will happen quickly. But if you want it so bad you can replace them yourself with Jorge’s Texture editor.

  4. I’ve been told that a graphics switcher will be made in the future (I know because my balls will be incorporated in the switcher), with the option to select any ball you want. I can’t, however, tell you when it is going to be released, cause even the creators aren’t sure. 🙂

  5. ok… i’m looking forward to it 😀

  6. Hello darxxx! Very nice balls you’ve made. But I have a request… Can you make Champions League 2011 Final Ball?

  7. is it compatible with online ?

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