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Bronze Pack Method (BPM) Guide For FUT 20

If you are a loyal FUT player and have been playing this game mode for a while, you surely must’ve come across the term “BPM” or “Bronze Pack Method“. The Bronze Pack Method is a very simple and a safe method to make FIFA coins which can be used during any phase of the game – from the first day to the very end.

In theory, BPM is just opening bronze packs which cost 400 coins each and then selling almost every item that you pack for profit. Before you read further, I’ll warn you that it will be a lengthy grind as this is not a method to make quick FIFA coins.

I strongly recommend everyone to open the 400 coins bronze packs as 2x 400 regular bronze packs give you 24 items and 2 rares for 800 coins whereas 1x 750 Premium bronze pack gives you 12 items 3 rares. Moreover, the bronze rares may not be as profitable as the non-rares apart from the squad fitness cards.

What do I sell?

Our motto is to gain back at least 400 coins, which in 80% of the cases is achieved comfortably.

  • Players: Many bronze players are used or required for SBCs – Marquee Matchups, League SBCs, Basic and Advanced starter SBCs. Before selling any player, make sure to check its value by comparing it, some go for 1000+ coins, even 10,000 coins in special cases. If a player is not selling in the transfer market despite being at the minimum bin, just keep it.
    I recommend storing players from the top 5 leagues, Championship, Liga NOS, MLS, SAF, CSL, Eredivisie, Liga Bancomer MX, Pro League, Scottish Premiership, Saudi League, Hyundai A-League, Meiji Yasuda J1, and Super Lig as once their League SBC arrives, the player prices from these leagues will skyrocket – ranging from 300 to 2000 coins. This will become a long term investment! If you pack a player from the leagues mentioned above and they are selling for even 200 coins, I would suggest listing them.
    Players from popular nations like Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and Spain can be sold for 200 coins as well due to their high demand in hybrid SBCs requirements. Wingers and fullbacks are frequently in higher demand.
    If you pack a player beyond the leagues mentioned above who’s not from a popular nation, you can rinse him off in them Silver Upgrade SBC which requires 11 bronze players rewarding you with two silver players.
  • Contracts: If you already have a lot of gold contracts, you might want to quick sell your bronze contracts as they don’t get sold in the market. If you want to make every single coin count, you can apply the contracts on your players. The bronze contracts give a +1 match on gold players.
  • Kits, Logos, Stadiums: Some of the bronze kits, logos and stadiums are in high demand but less in supply. Fans usually want their favourite country’s flag, club’s logo / stadium or kit. Just check their prices before quick selling them.
  • Managers: Managers from popular nations with limited in quantity (like Brazil) can be sold for a higher price. Again, check their prices before selling them.
  • Player & Squad Fitness cards: Player fitness cards are very common in the bronze packs and are unlikely to sell in the market. You can either apply them individually on your current players in the squad or quick-sell them.
    On the other hand, if you pack a Squad Fitness card, congrats – you’ve already profited double the amount that you invested. Make sure to sell them during high demand to gain maximum profit, i.e., when the Weekend League is going on.
  • Player healing & boost cards: Check the prices of the healing cards and sell them to gain the maximum out of the packs. If they’re not selling and you have a single squad, you can just keep them for future use.
    Player boost cards can be useful for completing objectives, especially the ones that are difficult – in rivals and squad battles so I would suggest keeping them if you regularly complete the objectives. If you don’t, you can sell them off.

If some players are not selling at all even at discard prices you might want to quick sell them. You can also recycle the bronze players in the upgrade SBCs where 11 bronze players give you two silver players (1 rare, one common). I would suggest doing the upgrade SBCs once the League SBCs are live.

When do I start?

As I mentioned above, BPM can be done during any time of the year. It’s not quick money but very profitable in the long run. I would suggest you to start once you have at least 100,000 coins or more. You need coins and of course, time for the BPM. Make sure you have enough room in your transfer list to sell the contents you’ve packed.

However, you can also start once the League SBCs start arriving. The price of the players in demand will increase and you will certainly have more coins to spend by that time. In the video below, you can see Nick – RunTheFutMarket use the BPM to make easy coins:


BPM has its own benefits, but with quite a few cons as well:

  • Not every pack will be profitable and giving you more than 400 coins. A lot of packs will make you a loss.
  • If you do not have enough coins, BPM may not be the way to go. Ideally you should be having at least 50,000 coins when starting the BPM but I’d recommend 100,000 coins.
  • It is time consuming and a long term grind. To make quick easy coins, this may not be the method to follow.

If you have the time, dedication and a healthy coin balance – BPM is made for you. In my humble opinion, it’s the easiest and the simplest way to make coins in FIFA.

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