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FIFA 14 Unlicensed Names and Logos Patch *Update*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOur team member regularcat is back with his first FIFA 14 mod. The FIFA 14 Unlicensed Names and Logos Patch replaces all unlicensed leagues, teams & tournaments names & logos in FIFA 14 with all the authentic logos & names for 100% authenticity in game.

The patch comes in two versions:

  – No Database Included: Compatible with saved careers but with FAKE player names.

  – Database Included: Not compatible with saved careers but with REAL player names.

Both versions will have real team,league and tournaments names & logos.

*The patch has been updated with more data to the langauge file and a few logo positions were rearranged. To get the update just re-download the patch and install it again.*

Please read the “Read Me” file to install the patch correctly!


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  1. tem como fazer um video instalando??, não conseguir aqui, ou será q não da certo em jogo original?

  2. Could you please explain in a tutorial video how to apply it correctly? I do all the steps written in the read me file but it won’t work (I took Chile as an example and the team still doesn’t have proper jersey!)

  3. Can you explain better how to install, doesn’t work, make a video please…

  4. to make Russian db,please!!!

  5. come si istalla sulla consolle ?

  6. work perfect

  7. how do i uninstall this crap? i had the october squads and after this patch i cant have them anymoe.. neither f i install them again

  8. fuck you.don’t working.

  9. Nicola Cafaro Zolfo

    You are a big shit!

  10. Link don’t work

  11. cos its a logo patch you fucking retard the clue is in the name

  12. do we have indian league

  13. I guess we Indians r not lucky enough to be put by EA in their league 🙁

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