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2014 FIFA World Cup Game News

There were lots of news released this week about the 2014 FIFA World Cup game but they couldn’t fit in the usual FIFA 14 News post, so we’ve decided to dedicate a full news post to the upcoming EA Sports game.

The first news that we have are the game features! Although we’ve already posted them in one of our previous FIFA 14 news posts, you can check them again fully detailed down bellow:


Key Features

  • World Class Control — Control the ball in possession with an all-new control system using:

–          Response Dribbling – Turn quicker at every angle and keep the ball under control. Using the left trigger, fans will find success beating opponents at slow speeds with the new dribbling system.  Plus, use all-new new flicks, dribbles, and a new Brazilian-inspired skill move to beat defenders.

–          Pinpoint Passing – Key passing improvements and new animations result in crisper, more accurate, direct, and responsive passing. Ground crosses, outside of the foot curling crosses, and personality given to clearances make moving the ball more satisfying and precise than ever.

  • Explosive Movement — Change direction on and off the ball with purpose and get to space. Players are able to accelerate, decelerate, and change direction quickly on and off the ball, as well as make tight dribble turns and close touches on the ball while dribbling at pace.
  • Set Piece Tactics — New tactics will have opponents fearing set pieces from the flank or during corner kicks. Using the D-pad players tell their teammates to make runs to the near post, far post, edge of the box, or have them crowd the keeper.
  • adidas® Ball Physics — EA SPORTS and adidas® partner to deliver the most realistic ball physics system on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Taking physics data from the adidas Innovation Lab in Herzogenaurach, Germany, EA SPORTS FIFA development team implemented it in EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil to give the Brazuca and other adidas balls true-to-life flight and grass friction in the game.
  • New Penalty Kicks— Feel the drama of FIFA World Cup™ penalty kicks with new save animations and a shot tuning that puts players in control of their nation’s fate. Penalty Kicks in the run of play now have players on the edge of the box and ready to rush at spilled shots. Also, distract the kick-taker by using Goalkeeper Antics to throw them off using a series of animations including wobbly-knees, matador, and shoot-it-there animations.
  • Over-the-Back Headers — Jump over your opponent’s back to win the possession battle and head the ball. In one example – defenders can now jump over the back of a holding attacker to clear the ball to safety.
  • adidas® micoach Training – Complete adidas micoach training sessions to boost in-game attributes for individual players on your team. Choose from six different attribute boosts and 18 different drills to improve your players’ performance during the tournament.

Game Modes

  • Road to the FIFA World Cup™— The most immersive tournament mode in EA SPORTS history. Choose from any of the 203 National Teams sanctioned by FIFA and play with up to 32 players locally through the qualifying rounds, and proceed on to the group stages of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. Along the way, get tournament updates from EA SPORTS Talk Radio.
  • Captain Your Country— EA SPORTS™ 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marks the return of one of the most popular FIFA game modes of all time. Start from the bottom, work your way up the squad list and eventually lead your country through qualifying, and on to the FIFA World Cup. A brand new auto-positioning system makes the mode accessible to new players.
  • Road to Rio de Janeiro™ (online) – Players progress across a map of Brazil’s 12 host cities in licensed and authentic stadiums. Compete in Online Stages with any of the 203 National Teams to advance, remain in a city, or be relegated. Win the final of 12 stages to hoist the FIFA World Cup Trophy at Estadio do Maracana in Rio.
  • Online FIFA World Cup™ – Compete in the Group Stage and World Cup Finals. Win seven games in a row against online competition to hoist the coveted FIFA World Cup™ trophy.
  • Story of Qualifying – Play over 60 real scenarios that the world witnessed during the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ qualifying stages.
  • Story of Finals (online) – Activated at the beginning of the tournament and updated throughout, play challenges based on the narrative of the day’s events.
  • Additional Modes – 2014 FIFA World Cup, Kick Off, Skill Games, Online Friendlies, EA SPORTS Football Club.


  • Patriotic Presentation – Feel the support of an entire nation with all-new crowd scenes including banners, flags, and seat cards in the stadium, and from Live City events in all corners of the world. Score a goal with England and see fans cheering live in Trafalgar Square. All-new crowd renderings bring the World Cup atmosphere to life.
  • EA SPORTS Talk Radio* – Receive dynamic tournament updates from your choice of Andy Goldstein and Ian Darke, or Michael Davies and Roger Bennett (Men in Blazers) as you play through various offline modes in English. Over 50 hours of recorded audio keeps the narrative fresh and entertaining.

* This feature is only available in English builds of the game

  • Authenticity by the numbers:

Teams –203 teams sanctioned by FIFA.

Players – 7,469 players in the game.

Managers – 19 officially licensed managers.

Stadiums – 21 new stadiums, including all 12 authentic stadiums in Brazil.

Commentary – Over 15 hours of added in-game commentary.


EA Sports published 13 new screens of the game on their facebook page this week and we have all of them bellow together with the first 8 images that were released 3 weeks ago:
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Also the official game cover was published by EA Sports on their facebook page:
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As you can see above there are two versions of the game, the Standard Edition and the Champions Edition! Pre-ordering the Standard Edition will get you one of the next offers depending on your retailer:

  • The Adidas FIFA World Cup All-Star team – Play with 26 of the world’s best footballers including Leo Messi.
  • The Adidas Historic FIFA World Cup Football Bundle – 5 classic footballs from previous tournaments.
  • The Celebrations Bundle – 3 new celebrations, including the ‘Belly Flop’.
  • The EA Sports FIFA Classic XI – 38 of football’s greatest athletes to EVER play the game. All together in the same squad.

If you pre-order the Champions Edition all 4 offers will be included in the game!
fwc pre order adidas standardfwc pre order celebrations standardfwc pre order classic xi standardfwc pre order historic standard

Moreover, the game achievements have been leaked thanks to xboxachievements.com:

FIFA World Cup™ Winners25
Win the FIFA World Cup™ in any offline mode
Europe Qualifier20
Qualify as a team from Europe in Road to the FIFA World Cup™ or Captain Your Country modes
Asia Qualifier20
Qualify as a team from Asia in Road to the FIFA World Cup™ or Captain Your Country modes
Oceania Qualifier20
Qualify as a team from Oceania in Road to the FIFA World Cup™ or Captain Your Country modes
CONCACAF Qualifier20
Qualify as a team from CONCACAF in Road to the FIFA World Cup™ or Captain Your Country modes
South America Qualifier20
Qualify as a team from South America in Road to the FIFA World Cup™ or Captain Your Country modes
Africa Qualifier20
Qualify as a team from Africa in Road to the FIFA World Cup™ or Captain Your Country modes
Concede No Goals25
In the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Finals get to the R16 without conceding a goal – Semi-Pro or higher
Match the biggest margin of victory in FIFA World Cup™ history – Win by 9 goals in single player
A “Braziliant” Performance25
Match the record set by Brazil in 1958 by scoring 5 or more in the final – Semi-Pro or higher
Shoe In For The Boot20
Score 5+ goals with a single player in a FIFA World Cup™ match – Semi-Pro or higher
Man Of THE Match20
Score a hattrick in the FIFA World Cup™ final – Semi-Pro or higher
Lead Your Nation20
Become Captain in Captain Your Country
Class Act15
Score 13 goals over the course of the FIFA World Cup™ Finals �?? Semi-Pro or higher
Nail Biter15
Win a FIFA World Cup™ Finals match by way of a penalty shootout – offline only
Guess What Mum!10
Make the first squad cut in Captain Your Country
Pack Your Bags20
Make the final 23 in Captain Your Country
Get 10 assists with your player in Captain Your Country
Man Of The Match10
Earn Man of the Match in a Captain Your Country game on Semi-Pro or higher
Boyhood Dream50
Win the FIFA World Cup™ as the Captain in Captain Your Country
Get 100% of the point target in an adidas miCoach training drill in CYC, RTWC or FWC mode. (1)
Practice Makes Perfect!25
Complete 10 adidas miCoach training sessions in CYC, RTWC or FIFA World Cup modes
Stole The Show15
Have your player win the Golden Ball in Captain Your Country
If The Boot Fits15
Have your player win the Golden Boot in Captain Your Country
World Traveller15
Reach 50% of completion or more at least in 3 FIFA regions in Story of Qualifying
Complete all scenarios (major objectives) in all 6 FIFA regions in Story of Qualifying
Follow the Nation15
Finish (major objectives) at least 1 �??EXTRAS�?� Country in Story of Qualifying
Legendary Effort15
Complete one or more scenario in Story of Qualifying on Legendary difficulty
Group Stage Maestro15
Complete all group stage objectives in Story of Finals on any difficulty
Reliving Every Moment25
Complete all scenarios (major objectives) in Story of Finals
The Moment of Glory15
Complete the Final match (major objective) in Story of Finals on World Class difficulty or higher
The English Invented It…50
Win the FIFA World Cup™ 5 times to match the all time record set by Brazil
Better Than Your Average15
Beat the Community average finish with a 0.5 – 2.5 star team
The Glory Of A Nation10
Win the Online FIFA World Cup™
Dark Horse Success15
Win the FIFA World Cup™ with a 3.5 – 4 star team
That’s A Surprise!30
Win the FIFA World Cup™ with a 2 – 3 star team
WHO won the FIFA World Cup™?!40
Win the FIFA World Cup™ with a 0.5 – 1.5 star team (7)
The Competitive Friend15
Beat a friend’s best finish in Online FIFA World Cup™
Gotta Start Somewhere10
Win your first match in Road to Rio de Janeiro mode
We’re Movin’ Now15
Advance to City 2 in Road to Rio de Janeiro mode
Are We There Yet?30
Advance to City 6 in Road to Rio de Janeiro mode
The Big Time40
Advance to City 12 in Road to Rio de Janeiro mode
We Actually Did It!50
Win the FIFA World Cup™ in Road to Rio de Janeiro mode
Mr. Perfect30
Complete a road without a loss in Road to Rio de Janeiro mode
Setting The Piece5
Use a quick team set piece during a match
Everyone’s Invited5
Score a goal on Beginner difficulty
Receipt In The Bag?5
Purchase your first item in the EASFC catalog
The Generous Friend5
Gift an item to a friend


As most of you might know the 2014 World Cup Game will be released only on Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles! PS4, Xbox One and PC users won’t be able to enjoy the game. When asked why wasn’t the game made for Next Gen and PC platforms too, producer Matt Prior said:

“We have a limited number of dev resources that we can put towards the World Cup game, and for us to do that properly and get it to as many people as we could in a feature rich version means we stick to the Xbox 360 and PS3. They’re by far the most popular consoles right now. Over time that will change, but right now their global penetration is way more than Gen 4.”


However the producer stated that there will be some World Cup content around Ultimate Team for the Next Gen consoles that will be announced soon. Unfortunately the reason for no World Cup game or content on PC is still unknown.
Source: BT.com


Here we have some video interviews with the 2014 World Cup game producer, Matt Prior, plus some gameplay scenes from the official game trailer that will be revealed later this month:


You can check more interviews and previews regarding the 2014 World Cup game bellow:

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Remember that the game will hit store shelves on April 15th in North America and April 17th in Europe and it will be available only on Xbox 360 and PS3!

Don’t forget to follow us on facebook and twitter to stay updated with all the latest FIFA news!

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  1. I’ve got a question – World Cup will be a separated game or it will be patch for FIFA 14? Will I be able to play it without FIFA 14 on Xbox 360? Thanks in advance for reply.

  2. Ararat Karapetyan

    Yes it’s separate disc game and you don’t need FIFA 14 to play the game. The game will be available on ps3 and xbox 360 only!

  3. About the version for PC : Why i can’t play road to world cup or play with ALL THE TEAMS ( the 207-208 ) ?!?

  4. Can I play WC 2014 offiline without origin? 🙂

  5. Can i play it in pc. Is it only an online game ??

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