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Have you ever wanted to play FIFA Street on your PC? Yes? Then we are happy to introduce you to one of the greatest mods ever made for the FIFA Series, FIFA Futsal 13! This mod will enable the true street football experience in your FIFA 13 thanks to all of these features:


–  7 vs.7 Mode
– Futsal Balls
– Realistic Futsal Boots with new boot model
– Realistic Street Clothes
– 10 Futsal Stadiums (Night Version Only)
– New sweat effect
– New menu and backgrounds
– New Scoreboard
– New Font
– New Street Chant and Sounds
– New Intro Movie
– Futsal-FIFA Street 4 Fusion Gameplay:
• Fun skills-oriented gameplay based off FS4.
• AI tackling greatly reduced to be more like an online player.
• Paired with the above feature is stronger marking and awareness.
• AI does a few more skills. Yet to find out how to make the AI perform many tricks… WIP.
• Slowed pace focusing on more friction with the court floor.
• True futsal tactics and buildup. Still using longballs for some teams.
• Tight matches. Goals are infrequent although the payoff for doing tricks is very high.
• Push-pull disabled for FS4 like effect. Defending is challenging.


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Install  Tutorial
Credit List

AndreaPirlo21 – Graphics, Gameplay & Database
Nyckz – Stadiums, Sounds and Graphics
fifayoun – FIFA Street 2012 Files Conversion (Balls,Boots,Street Clothes,Stadiums,Fonts,Sounds,etc)
zico99 – Balls, Menu Backgrounds & Sweat Effect
Damien – Menu Graphics, Stadium previews, Scoreboard Texture,Chant & Install Setup
Kurlboy – Futsal Balls
Grafsky – Intro Movie
MonkeyDragon – Scoreboard
scouser09 – Futsal player.lua

Before you install the mod be sure to follow this tutorial:
How to have multiple FIFA 13′s installed on the same HDD



You must Read the “Read Me (Install Instructions)and How to get 7v7 Mode (Cheat Engine Tutorial)” files to install the mod and play it properly!

Have problems? Post in the Support Thread!

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  1. Bùi Văn Dương:

    Someone can tell me why i can’t play my fifa to the end of match
    It often crash after halftime

    Try freezing the values at 120 if you are doing 350. The next update will fix most crashes.

  2. please make 5 vs 5 thanks 😀

  3. Please provide a torrent link to dnld…

  4. why is my in italiaa , where can i get english one ?

  5. I’m having a problem with this mod,whenever I click the FIFA Futsal 13.exe it says sorry cannot run this game because origin is required although my game is cracked..!

  6. I have problem to extracting the file.
    the main file “FIFA Futsal 13.exe” dosent extract.

  7. thanks bro, but i get some problem, first time i can play 7vs7 using ur tutorial with cheat engine, but for the rest it change become 7vs2 or worse 3vs2 without keeper.
    i try to restart the game and again it’s stil 3vs2.
    can you help me?
    thanks anyway

  8. great patch bro,
    but i have some problem, for the first time i can play with 7 vs 7 team. but later after that game , it become 3vs2 without keeper ~
    any suggestion? thanks

  9. Agung Joko Wicaksono

    ini regeneratornya di mana??? kok gk ada?

  10. link already removed. please update!

  11. its said No apps are installed to open this type of link” then it says “Look for an app on the store. help me

  12. 5 VS 5 PLEASE

  13. sorry this fifa futsal 13 work on fifa 14?

  14. starting like normal fifa 13…no indoor modes..ive extracted and regenerated..

  15. Hy, your mod is grat but i have question, i tried to edit stadiums but when i press play now fifa just gets out without error, whats the point with the stadiums, i wanna edit to look like futsal …….i edit in paint (.png) and with Creation Master 13 importing and exporting, i edit fhe picture (2028×2028) where is the ground like in game and smething araund, so i want to know if i am doing something wrong, ls respont

  16. dude, this is awesome! thanks

  17. did they achieve it?did they made 5 vs 5?


  19. When I launch the game I get this ” Activation.dll load failed” … 🙁

  20. I get this too

  21. amigos não sei o que está acontecendo instalei tudo certo mais não consigo ver o campo nem a rede e nem as casas em gerais podem me ajudar por favor !!!

  22. We need to have FiFA 13 installed?

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