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.:: Nike Seitiro Ball Pack ::.

Darxxx is back again with a new ball pack for FIFA 12!He converted his Nike Seitiro Ball Pack from FIFA 11 to FIFA 12!Now you can enjoy the Serie A Seitiro ball that wasn’t in FIFA 12,plus the quality of the new Seitiro ball pack is far better than EA’s ones!

The pack has 9 ball versions:

– Generic Nike Seitiro + Hi-Vis (Winter Version)
– Nike Seitiro Serie A + Hi-Vis (Winter Version)
– Nike Seitiro EPL + Hi-Vis (Winter Version)
– Nike Seitiro La Liga + Hi-Vis (Winter Version)
– Nike Seitiro A-League


Enjoy and see you next week with a new ball pack!

* You cannot re-upload this patch!You can redistribute this patch only and only using the link of the post! *

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Founder of FIFA-Infinity.com, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. Avatar photo

    who need this ball pack?
    nobody want this….

    if u can release the total camera patch u loosers…

  2. Avatar photo

    Thanks a lot Darxxx love your work Dude !
    From Mauritius Island 😛

  3. Avatar photo

    Hello Darxxx !
    I want to know how to use the mini balls .

  4. Avatar photo

    Aren’t all of these balls already in game?

  5. Avatar photo

    The Serie A Seitiro is missing plus the quality is far better than the EA ones 🙂

  6. Avatar photo


    Sorry I miss something…
    I want to know how to use the mini balls that can show
    into the game setting when I choose the ball…
    Please help me ~~~
    Thank you very much~~~

  7. Avatar photo

    So far, the only way to get it done is If you have FIFA11 🙂

    1) You import a miniball with CM11 (it will create a file in FIFA 11\Game\data\ui\artAssets\settingsimg)

    2) Make the same folder structure in FIFA12 and copy the file in the folder (make sure you rename it so the id fits the respective ball in FIFA12)

    3) Run the Regenerator to deal with the file in data1

    That’s it 🙂

  8. Avatar photo


    But I have already deleted the FIFA 11…
    Are they are XXXXX.big ???

  9. Avatar photo


    But I have already deleted the FIFA 11…
    can you give the folder to me?
    thank you very much~

  10. Avatar photo

    @darxxx: the EPL,LFP and Seria A Hi-vis balls replace what balls???~~and the seria A seitiro replace what???

  11. Avatar photo

    hi darxxx any chance of converting the above balls to work in FIFA12.
    Best Regards

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