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New FIFA 12 Magazine Screens

New exclusive screens with FIFA 12 have been released on the internet in the past few hours containing screens and informations from the upcoming french Official Playstation Magazine!Bellow you can see the full image gallery in HQ!

We didn’t managed to translate the informations from the screens since none of our staff members speaks french !If any french fan out there is available to translate and make a resume from this screens please send it at [email protected].

Cheers and we wait you here with more FIFA 12 stuffs soon!

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  1. Thanks! I’ll read it carefully

  2. I’m currently translating everything and will post if I finish. Thanks for the screens!

  3. Managed to translate 2 pages to the best of my ability with the help of Online OCRs and Google Translate. Took me an hour for both. Will continue after I wake up in the morning if there aren’t any more translations from others.
    P.S. I’m not French 😉

    Page 6:
    Page 7:

  4. WinterAce:

    I’m currently translating everything and will post if I finish. Thanks for the screens!

    Thanks in advance if you manage to translate it and send it!

  5. Sorry for the long delay, but I’ve finished translating 95% of all the French in the scans. All of it is the work Google Translate and some online OCRs, to extract the text from the images. Of all of it, I wasn’t able to fix the translations of the main article, but the last few pages are completely fixed. These were caused by some blurs in the text of the scans, which weren’t properly read by the OCR.
    Now to the juicy part!

    Page 1 and 2: All pictures… No translations needed.
    Page 3:
    Page 4:
    Page 5:
    Page 6:
    Page 7:
    Page 8:

    I will try to fix the translations, if time allows me, and will post them too, as soon as I’m done.

    @admin: You are welcome!

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