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.:: World Cup 2010 Popups & Scoreboard ::.

imagebam.comAs we promised the new set of popups is here!Our team member Nazarenooviedo made an amazing and realistic set of popups and scoreboard for the 2010 FIFA World Cup!Download and enjoy this patch and see you soon on our next download!

.:: Credits ::.

MonkeyDragon and EAFH for popup template.

Cjd17 and MonkeyDragon for your colaboration.

MonkeyDragon and Fifacittu.com FIFA09 Scoreboard Template.


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Founder of FIFA-Infinity.com, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. This is a fucking patch.
    The patch isn’t running on my pc.
    Now fifa isn’t running too.

  2. Avatar photo

    Regenerate the zdata’s -.-“

  3. Hello,

    I had install this great patch on my pc.
    But when I start a game in fifa 10 cames a windows and there standed that fifa not longer works.

    Which files is must exchange.

    please help me.


  4. how do we regenerate the zdatas?

  5. The game still crashes! damn! i dont know wat to do . . . zdata_00

  6. please help me . .

  7. Avatar photo

    What other programs/patches do you use in your fifa?

    Try to rebuild with the this:


  8. este programa no sirve en la mitad de la carga se queda y por eso me toca poner el administrador de tareas que hago

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