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:: New Changes ::

We got report from MonkeyDragon, talking about some changes he achieved in modding FIFA this year.

1) 100% FAT Algorithm:

– Opening new changes for working with ZDATA_XX.BIG, *.BH and *.FAT file.

– Developed [Q] FAT Technology – rebuilding only desired zdata_xx.big in FAT file, this process taken 1 or 2 seconds.

2) Theme Designer

– Design FIFA theme easier and faster.

3) TV Popups Maker

– Thanks to EA’s code changes, new players scorer popups with TEAM Logo is being re-designed for Popups Maker. More screenshots and news coming on mid October


MD’s words:

– Last year, Outsider, Krystian (from FIFA Mania.it) and I worked together on cinematics decryting. Krystian successfully made a tool called Cine Evo – import, change cine + popups scene. I made Cine Viewer – view desired cine. With 2 tools, Outsider provided Cinematic Patch 09 to community. However, there was some lack of functions with Cine Evo, unexpected error encountered while building cine script file…

– This year, I myself develop new tool called CINEMATICS MANAGER (Cinematics Viewer and Cinematics Designer included inside). This superb tool – not only provides complete chance to “design” FIFA cinematics but also burns your eyes with lots of cine secret inside. This tool will be introduced on mid October too.

That’s all ! Next time: FIFA Modding – what’s going on this year !


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  1. Thanks for the excellent news, really incredible, I congratulate you all for the great work they do, and can count on my help anytime.

  2. pls somebody send me cinematics manager,cinematics evo and cinematics viewer i’m making a patch so i need them

  3. is it possibile to have a tool for cinematic ..viever cine evo cinematic manager i need please ?

  4. im making patch i need cine evo manager and viewer [email protected]

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