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.:: FIFA 10 PC Pitch Color Patch ::.

Today, we are happy to release our final stuff for FIFA 10 PC. The patch you have been waiting for long time: MonkeyDragon’s Pitch Color patch!

==== FEATURES ====
– “Moving Turf” effect for Dynamic camera
– True green color
– True lightning effect for SUNNY turf.

==== HOW TO INSTALL ====
– There is INSTALL / UNINSTALL button for 4 kinds SUNNY – NIGHT – SUNSET – OVERCAST
– Choose patch you desire and click button



About Damien

Founder of, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. super work

  2. thank you so much!
    great work

  3. thanks, it’s very grat work. I’m waiting for a kit tool 🙂

  4. Excellent job, cheers.

  5. I dnt know how to download kindly help me out…

  6. Are you serious ? Do you still play FIFA 10 ?
    Can’t you run FIFA 11 ?

  7. I wa shaving prob with my explorer now as i have dowloaded it kindly tell me which files should i replace with the new patch…

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