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.:: Goal Contest #2 ::.

Our second goal contest is open for submissions!Check bellow what you need to do to enter the contest and what you can win:

Record your best FIFA 12 goal,upload it on Youtube and post it in this thread.Please try to submit your video with the best quality possible so you can get more votes so try to avoid cellphone videos!You can only submit one goal per user!Also add FIFA Infinity Goal Contest Entry in the video description of your goal to prove that you have made that goal!

Submissions will close on Monday 23th of April at 23:00 GMT.Afterwards the voting will start and it will end on Sunday 29th of April at 12:00 GMT.Later that day the winners will be announced and will get the next prizes:

1st Place: 20.000 Ultimate Team Coins + A gold 80+ player (PC)

2nd Place: 10.000 Ultimate Team Coins + A gold 80+ player (PC)

3rd Place: 5000 Ultimate Team Coins + A gold 80+ (PC)

Please remember that the ultimate team coins and players are only for the PC Version!

Good luck and we wait your submissions!

Submissions are CLOSED!You can vote the best goal HERE!

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  1. here is my best goals !!!


    please pick – 0:23, 2:36-3:11 , 2:13

    Enjoy 😉

  2. sorry i posted twice

  3. Avatar photo


    my goal

    You must post it in the thread that is linked in the post.Posting your goals here in the comments box won’t enter you in the contest,

  4. If i have a non-original version of fifa 12 can i enter in this contest??

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    If i have a non-original version of fifa 12 can i enter in this contest??

    Yes but you won’t get the prizes since you need original FIFA 12 to get Ultimate Team coins and players.

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