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    FIFA 11 error after Creation master installed

    I play FIFA 11 on my PC. I downloaded the official patch from EA website that fixes most problems, I think it's called Patch 1.01. Anyways, I installed that and then I downloaded Creation Master 11 and the Champions League Final 2011 Official Ball. I installed that using Creation Master. I didn't do anything else.

    Anyways, when I ran Fifa 11 it said that you need to insert the CD. So I repatched it with the patch that I got with my online download. After that Fifa 11 started working. But then it gave me an in-game message that Squad 1 is damaged and cannot be used, so delete or cancel? I pressed cancel. I went to my saved Manager Mode, and it said that it is damaged and cannot be used, delete or cancel? :O I selected cancel. But that was my 11th season in the Manager mode so I don't want to just delete it.

    What can I do to fix all these problems? Also the gameplay has become much harder now :S

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    Re: FIFA 11 error after Creation master installed

    Once you imported something into your game you cant continue your manager mode anymore!

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