Hello everyone!

Been some time since I got my hands on game modding, last one was PES 6, since then I usually played on x360 and switched from PES to FIFA, so I'm kinda lost in the matter now.

Actually I'm interested in removing game data, I'll try to explain my idea :

I pretend to make a LAN FIFA tournament, but I wanted to make it simple to launch and fair to all players.
So basically what I was thinking is to remove all teams except two, which I'd call Red Team and Blue Team and which would have exactly the same stats and player skills.
I would remove all stadiums except one (no matter which one).
While on it, remove all sounds but the field ones (crowd, ball kicked, etc...).(for the sound I already found out that by simply removing data5.big from data folder there's no more commentaries. )
And remove all scoreboards but one (I was thinking putting Sport TV one since I'm portuguese and the tournament will have place here).

I'm sorry if the topic title is wrong or inapropriate, I wouldn´t mind if some admin change it.
And I would be grateful to know if it's even possible to do (I think it's possible to do, but don´t know if the game wouldn´t crash at some point).

thx in advance.

-- Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:37 am --

Been on it for 2 days now and haven´t got anywhere... :|

Is it possible to edit somehow the demo files with the retail game files to enable LAN on the demo?

I always get the game to crash and need to copy the backups files again and again, since the demo only have 4 teams (I managed to have only one and edit it like I want) and one stadium (I would prefer Parc des Princes instead of Barnabeu, but it works just fine as well) it's perfect, but since it has no LAN it's worthless after all.

Any tip would be greatly appreciated, even if it´s just to say that it can´t be done, it would spare me some headaches