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    FIFA 17: Please Don't Leave Career Mode In the Dark

    EA Sports has already released the teaser trailer for the next football video game, FIFA 17. As how it was unveiled at E3, FIFA 17 looks set to come with a cinematic story mode that will further enhance the virtual football experience.

    Of course, there are plenty of other features coming to FIFA 17 and we are hoping for it to involve Career Mode. Ever since FIFA 13 or so, Career Mode has entered a stale state with nothing excitingly new to offer to the players. We are certainly upset by this as we are a huge fan of the Career Mode.

    What bothered us more is that EA chose not to speak about Career Mode when unveiling FIFA 17 at E3. They only teased on something new happening without letting us know what it is exactly.

    Well, EA better deliver a superb Career Mode experience in FIFA 17 and not leave the game mode in the dark.
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