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    Hello everyone!

    The 2.1.2 Evolution Version of the i68Controller
    it's been released some days ago!
    As always, let me know if bugs jump out!!!

    The suite is now compatible with Windows 10, but you will need
    to download (HERE!) and install local databases by your own.
    i68Controller is optimized for operate with the new chapter,
    but does not lose compatibility with previous versions of the game.
    Those who have not already purchased their copy of Fifa16 can safely
    use the app with Fifa 13/14/15!

    If you were using i68Controller on a old version of the game and now
    you want to load Fifa16 (full version), just click on the right mouse key
    and chose Switch to a more recent version of the game.
    This function allows the program to set the new game as primary
    and properly restores all settings.

    To those who experience crashes at startup, for whatever reason,
    I suggest to manually set the path of the game: open the file i68Controller.ini
    in your documents\i68FifaTools folder and check these lines

    DefaultPath=must be the fullpath of the game you want to edit with the Controller
    GameVersion=must be the version of your game

    If you don't use the ScenariosMode set also


    Because the tool is now quite known, refer to the i68Creations site for in-depth
    information about the features and how to use.

    Here, I only remember the list of available tools and the purpose
    for which those tools were built.
    Only one goal: to make life easier for those who want to
    venture into the wonderful world of editing! It is thought to be useful to me
    which for years, I have turned the game inside and out, and I know
    perfectly the most of the tricks, and, a fortiori, to those who for the first
    time decided to try to change or add even a simple team kit!

    i68Controller includes the LAUNCHER that allows you to start the game
    in online/offline modes (preserving edits as much as possible)
    and to manage up to five installations of the game simultaneously.
    There is the REGENERATOR with which you can rewrite the index files,
    so that the game can really use our editings.
    Then you can find the INSTALLER to add and replace pretty much
    any file to your game.
    Finally the MERGER, a powerful utility for db editers and skilled users
    with which you can blend data from esported tables and full databases.
    Soon will be available the SCRIPTER, a new tool for the creation
    and execution of lists of commands with which to modify the database,
    some settings of the career mode, and much more along the way.
    The suite also allows to show NEWS and directly distribute
    and install PATCHES.

    On the FIFA-INFINITY downloads page
    and here i68Creations you can find the link to get the current version
    optimized for both Fifa14, Fifa15 and Fifa16 Demo!
    Users of a previous version will download the new one automatically,
    starting the tool.

    As always, thanks to Rinaldo (FIFA-MASTER.COM)
    because from many years he has agreed to let me use his valuable library.
    Thanks to scouser09 for his Revolution Mod which this suite fully supports.
    And, this year, a special thanks to malloc84 able to decoding EASF
    and give all of us the opportunity to continue to enjoy ourselves
    by fully editing our favorite game!
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