FIFA 15 Tournament on JohnnyBet

FIFA 15 is the only authorised game for PC and consoles that features all the major soccer leagues from around the world. One of the major attractions of FIFA 15 is that players can compete against others in tournaments, but normally, these are just for fun, with no real rewards for the winners.

However, if you join the JohnnyBet FIFA 15 tournament, you get to play for some great prizes, and the satisfaction of knowing that you have won a major tournament at one of the biggest online wagering communities.

Joining the tournament is simply a matter of getting a free account at JohnnyBet and registering your interest in playing. You will also need an Origin account and an original copy of FIFA 15. Once you receive invites to play, just click to accept them and get started. Games are only a few minutes long, and once you start to progress through to the higher rounds, the action heats up, with more experienced players really testing your skills at the game.

You get to pick your own teams for each match, and at the end of the tournament, the highest ranked competitors win some fantastic prizes including original match jerseys from top teams including Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Chelsea.

There are also games to won, with Wolfenstien, Battlefield 4, and The New Order among the exciting titles up for grabs. Prizes get delivered straight to your home, but even if you don't make it to the end of the contest, the JohnnyBet FIFA 15 tournament is still a fantastic tournament to join.

It's completely free to enter, so you have nothing to lose by competing against other players from around the world, while all members of the JohnnyBet community will have access to the best online sports betting tips that have produced long term, consistent profits and some huge returns on investments.

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