Greetings to all FIFA fans!!!

As title says, this year you can make your neighborhood team famous through upcoming FIFA Madness Hellas patch. Here is what I mean. Some months ago, I have started a unique fantasy patch which will “write history” in FIFA “patching”. I am also planning to add something like world’s neighborhood league in to this patch. So, here is the opportunity for your neighborhood team to be famous!!! For the first version of my patch I would like to add at least 10 neighborhood teams. So, just create your team using CM15 and send me the CMP file to [email protected].


1. Team must be a real neighborhood and not an existing team on any professional or amateur league of your country.
2. Team’s name must not contain obscene and insulting words or name of a person. For example “John’s Neighborhood”.
3. Team must have minimum 18 players and max 42.
4. Players must have real life skills so please don’t make them all supermen or Mesi’s clones!!!
5. Don’t make changes on database using other tools than CM15.


1. Your full or nick name.
2. The CMP file of your team from CM15. Instructions below!!!
3. Logo of your team in PSD or PNG format. Dimensions must be at least 256x256 pixels (If you can’t make it, just write your idea, how you would like to be and I will make it for you).
4. Banners and flags in PSD or PNG format. (If you can’t make it I will do it for you).
5. Home, away and goalkeeper kit in PSD or PNG format. Dimensions must be 2048x2048pixels for shirt and 2048x1024 pixels for shorts (If you can’t make it I will do it for you).
6. Minifaces (optional).


1. After you have finished your team’s creation just go to “Patch” menu and click “Create”.
2. You’ll get a window titled “CM-Patch Creator”. Go on the left top and click on box under “Objects Selection” title and choose “Teams”.
3. Now go under “Patch Options” title, in “Teams” tab and check everything except “Linked Stadium”, “Linked Ball” and “Linked Adboards”.
4. Right below, in “Patch Name” box just type your team’s name.
5. Now find and click on your team’s name from the list on the center.
6. After that click on “Add” icon.
7. At the end go on top and click on “Create” icon and save your file using your team’s name again.
8. Your work now have patched in this CMP file.

Inform me here, in this thread or by PM, that you have started making your team to hold a place for your team!!!