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    -variety of animations of first touch, less skilful players will have more clumsy first touch.
    -elimination of blind pass, blind passing was made too easy in some scenarios in FIFA 15, taking more steps before hitting the ball is a nice touch in FIFA 15.
    -player with lower passing stats should have less accuracy in lobbing through pass,
    the less skilful player should slow down or take more steps before he kicks the ball for the lobbing through pass.
    -different ways to commit technical foul.
    -sliding in to block or tackle (Speed wasn't ideal in FIFA 15)
    -AI positioning during containing a player, like when a winger dribbling a ball closing in to the end of a line, the left back or right back must anticipate the winger to cut back or cross,
    so he slow down in order to block the cross or prepare to tackle or foul him if he wasn't able to stop him from cutting in.
    -more ability to give instructions to a player to perform certain task. like for a CDM, to defend centrally, just infront of two CB, to form a triangle,
    not being draw out of position.
    -Shielding the ball still not ideal, making Giroud seems useless in build play, because he needs to be able to do hold up play!

    I hope they introduce AI real-time anticipation and reaction system.
    The way that the player reacts to the situation on the pitch is very terrible, you can see it from throw-ins,
    like when a player is running towards the thrower and when the thrower throws the ball, the guy is still running,
    resulting in the ball being thrown behind the player running towards the thrower.
    The player should anticipate, once the thrower swing his arm, he should slow down his pace and get ready to receive the ball. that's not the case in FIFA 15.
    This is just one of the example of the flaws of not having real-time anticipation in FIFA 15.
    Another example will be, whenever a ball has been kicked away by tackle or slide tackle, the AI player closest to the ball doesn't react fast enough or doesn't react at all for that matter,
    to be in possession of the ball.
    You have to switch your control to the player closest to the ball then pick the ball up yourself, this frustrates me the most,
    because I had my Auto Switching set to Air balls. I believe those who use auto will have no big deal with it.
    AI positioning just outside the opposition penalty box in build up play is still terrible at times.

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    maybe at last licensed CL and EL

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    career mode online
    google tradutor

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    Romanian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian first league

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    Apoel Nicosia
    Dinamo Zagreb
    NK Maribor
    Red Star Belgrade
    BATE Borisov
    Sparta Praga
    Viktoria Plzen
    HJK Helsinki

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    First and foremost, great job with the current game.

    I would like to see suggest these improvements please:

    1. Referees to receive a makeover, more variety of reactions, more physical reactions, cards to be pulled out of pockets and written (enhanced graphics). Uncertainty is what I would like to witness, I want to be surprised whether it is a caution, yellow or red card.

    2. I would love to see a ability to use gamerface in career mode (offline) or maybe as an option in FUT. (option to play with or without)
    It'd be great to manage yourself and witness your progression (from an alternative perperspective).

    3. Excellent job with improved customisation such as free kick styles and celebratory moves.
    But could we please see running styles, more body types, a choice of 3 core strengths to choose from possibly.
    Such as finishing, beating players and free kicks.)

    4. Manager mode/player mode to continue to improve aadvancement and opportunity. Able to witness matches as a sub and then to come on later during the match. More indepth and thought out "achievements" to improve our pros.

    5. Please lose the manager character unless developed properly.
    If do, then please implement a character creator (it has to be indepth), maybe use gamerface. A choice of behaviors, volatile, calm, expressive, note taker etc

    6. Please could we have before a match either to do a skill game or have a pre kick about against your own team before kick off.
    Imagine the crowd making a lot of noise, gradually filling the stands or taking pictures, reading programmes or chanting/singing.
    Taking pot shot against keeper, maybe wherever you move to a different part of your half,.you can press a button to trigger a different type of training.

    I'll add some more later, thanks.

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    Real Managers
    More Real Scoreboard Graphics (The Football League, FA Cup, Bundesliga, La Liga, ...)
    More Stadium Exteriors (Wembley)
    Cutscenes in Penalty Shootout (couple of seconds before start of the shootout and between each shot taker)
    Dynamic Weather

    More Friendly Games / Friendly Tournaments
    More Substitutions in Friendly Games
    24 Hours Long Transfers Deadline Day
    Improved Trophy Presentation

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    Algeriaa Team In fifa 16

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    More national teams, international tournaments like:
    Gold Cup
    Asian Cup

    Improve GK's AI and some bugs scoring easily from long shoots still in the game.
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    As in FIFA 14, we want to add personal fans chants...FIFA 15 has not the option and has no ambiance...I want to add my own songs !!!

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    Creating the 2nd Division B of Spain, or the 3rd category Soccer Spain

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    1) German 3rd league
    2) Be a Referee Mode
    3) realistic evacuation of injured players (paramedics etc.)
    4) More mistakes from the referees in difficult situations
    5) In not every offside situation an big delay

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    i think that kit customisation would be wicked as if I was to start a career with man-united for example in 8 seasons time the kit would still be the same so it would be cool if you could up date kits
    also random kit deal offers would really cool and realistic so I could go from Samsung to AIG if the offer were to arise but kit deals come with pros and cons this would make fifa way more realistic

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    I've worked on this, so I hope it will be entertained

    Issues to be addressed

    1. Goalkeeper AI is horrible, this needs to be fixed, I need not elaborate as it is quite obvious.

    2. Goalkeeper rush directions need to be fixed so that they run in such a way that they do not leave the chance of goals to the near post.

    3. During long shots, goalkeepers need to be smarter and stand upright rather than crouch as if in wait for a ground shot.

    4. Ball winning judgement needs to improve especially in case of air balls.

    5. First touch ball control error needs to be reduced to enable one-touch passing more fluidly

    6. Pace needs to be reduced

    7. Defender AI needs to be improved. Most of the time, when the ball is shifted to one side, all defenders, including the opposite side full back ove to block

    that side and leave the opposite side exposed which is unrealistic.

    8. Players need to be aware of the positions of other players, both from their own team and that of the opponent. It's quite frequent that players topple over

    each other despite having enough time and having a favourable angle to see that a player is on the ground in their path.

    9. 45' and 90' minute pass errors need to be removed from FUT and reduced to minimal in Career Mode.

    10. All players need to be active and in constant motion to maintain their momentum and get rid of inertia. (Unless winning by a margin of greater than 3 goals

    when at 75+ minutes)

    11. Referee AI needs to be improved. Lots of penalties being given even when the ball has been won before the supposed tackle.

    12. Referees should be a bit more mobile, as they get in the way of the players and the ball way more often than in real life. In my opinion, only the ball

    should be blocked by the referee when in the path of it, players should be able to muscle off the referee from their path or at least move around him. The

    referee can't be strong enough
    to knock down the likes of Yaya Toure and Bony when they run
    into him.

    13. Players need to be aware of where the ball is and who is
    in possession more often than not.

    14. Players need to be ready to receive passes more often and

    15. Other players from your team need to move out of the way
    quicker and with better decision on the direction to move to
    when you have the ball and are approcahing them.

    16. Players in offside decisions need to get back onside when
    your team is defending.

    17. AI team players should curve their runs more when triggering
    a run in order to avoid being offside.

    18. Defensive approach to heading the ball needs to improve.
    Headed clearances need to be more effective and players like
    Giovinco and other shorter / weaker players should not be out-jumping
    and out-muscling taller and stronger players so often.

    19. Defenders ned to push back when the ball is being pushed forward
    by the opposing team rather than waiting for the user to switch
    control to every single defender to make him run backwards and defend.

    20. Team tactics and instructions need to be more effective when

    Suggestions for Improvements


    1. Ability to loan players from your club for a small fee so that players
    can earn coins from players that are not using but are in demand.

    2. Ability to quit "mutually" if the connection is not good without affecting
    the DNF multiplier.

    3. Latency bar needs to be more accurate. Just three levels can be deceiving.

    4. The price range idea is quite good and I fully support it. However,
    the quick sell values should be higher, either half the actual minimum bin
    price of the player or his current quick sell value (calculated by the rating)
    depending on which is higher. (not a big priority but would be nice)

    Career Mode

    1. Massive changes need to be brought out here. It's been the same UI and features
    for quite a few years now.

    2. Teams need to play more like they do in real life to ensure good teams stay in
    the top half and relegation battlers stay at the bottom. It's not quite rare to see
    West Bromvich in the top 5 or some other team at their level, which doesn't seem
    realistic. Maybe live data based on real life performances could decide their form
    in career mode?

    3. Many have been asking for this, it's got to come in. Reserve teams. You need to
    be able to create a reserve team, handled by a separate staff member so that your
    fringe players can get experience. Or for out of form players to be demoted to
    regain form.

    4. Firing and Hiring of AI team managers based on the Board Patience settings that
    you have implemented for every team. Something like the FIFA MANAGER series.

    5. Past season successes should be remembered and mentioned in the next season's build up.
    If a team was unexpected to be in top spots, an appropriate commentary would be nice. The
    same could be done for teams that were in surprisingly poor form. Top goalscores and
    assists should also be mentioned. Of course, you need to avoid implementing it in such a
    way that these things are mentioned "every" season in the exact same way.

    6. Which brings me to, please add better and fresh commentary. Try to make it more dynamc.
    Disable the commentary that's set for the first season once you approach the successive
    seasons. It's annoying when you're playing in the year 2022 and the commentator still
    wants to talk about how Cavani played in the WC of 2014. Instead add dynamic commentary based
    on his form in the last game (or last few games), or the last major tournament.

    7. Commentary about non-star players for when they face their former sides needs to be
    removed unless they score or should be done with very low frequency as they aren't "the big story"
    of the day.

    8. Realistic faces for referees would be pretty cool.

    9. Ability to loan players that are highky rated but are not as frequently played by the team or when
    not in form. Loan requests by AI team should be more frequent and should be mentioned in the
    NEWS Updates section. Less number of trannsfer requests from top players. Transfer requests
    should be processed mostly if a bigger team is interested in the player and the player wants to
    move despite his current club refusing the deal. When the player is one of the top 5-6 players
    in the whole team, or ,say, the best (or second best) in his position but still doesn't get games
    despite his constant request for games could ask for transfer requests as well. If both these cases
    are not satisfied, i.e., a player who isn't the best in his position, but wants to play reqularly,
    should process a LOAN request and not a transfer request. The fringe players requesting loan has been
    implemented already so far, but yes, they need to be mentioned more often in the NEWS.

    10. Ability to sort players in the Transfer Market Search based on quality. With the overalls for most
    players being hidden, (which I think is nice) the search for specifically Transfer Listed and Loan Listed
    players is rendered useless most of the time when you're not looking for someone in specific to add to your
    team. Also, rather than completely hiding the ratings, you could implement an expected rating range, the
    range could become wider depending on which league the playe is from and which league you are playing in,
    i.e., if the player is from the same league, you ought to know more about him, so the range could be
    something like 71-77 (for a player rated ,say, 74), i.e. to say a range of 6, whereas for lesser known leagues
    (maybe determined by the distance between the country, since you have already implemented the Latitudes and
    Longitudes of each team) the range could be a lot higher. A further increase in the range for youth players
    also makes sense. Maybe the ratings could be left blank for youth players from foreign leagues.

    11. Users should be able to talk to their players like in the FIFA Manager Series.

    12. The Press conversations should be, again, more like in the FIFA Manager Series.

    13. Older players shouldn't retire so soon and should not get downgraded so much.

    14. Less frequent top player movement in the Transfer Market. Restrict to a maximum of 4-5 Top players with a single season.

    15. Teams should not hoard so many goalkeepers unnecessarily. AI teams should buy players for positions in which they lack quality only. If they intend to buy

    a player anyway, the probability that the previous player in the position is loaned out or sold should be higher.

    16. AI teams should offer player + cash. Counter offers should be enabled such that we can ask for a particular player from their team in exchange for the

    player they want.

    17. The transfer activity shouldn't be too slow for each player. Responses to offers /counter-offers should be a lot faster to enable more deals or backup


    Animations and general Gameplay

    1. New fresh animations need to be introduced into the game. Maybe something like, players arrving at the stadium in the team bus, warm up sessions in their

    track suits before the game etc. Also, player celbrations at the end of the game need to improve, especially after winning a trophy. It's always the same

    aniamtions with the players hugging the golkeeper and then the losing players disheartened on the ground in the same fashion. The award ceremony should be more

    elaborate and should follow celebrations by the players, substitutes / reserves, manager, staff etc. Medals would be nice, maybe animations of the players

    climbing up the stairs and across to collect the medals and lift the trophy rather than always handing the trophy on the ground. Having either animation

    seleted randomly would be nice.

    2. Players that are severly injured need to be attended my medical staff of the team and if required, carried off on a stretcher. A player who's broken his

    foot can't be expected to walk off the field.

    3. Introduce head injuries such that a player can be knocked unconscious.


    Graphically, the game has been improved massively, although this was expected a long time ago. But in any case, the focus should be switched to fixing the

    above issues in my opinion rather than more improvements in the graphics engine as that will only mean that the system requirements increase, which will mean

    that not many people will buy the game as they can't run it.

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    Improve career mode!
    Also, would be cool if you could select a player as a new captain after you subbed off your ordinary captain. Now it just autoselects to the player who subs in.
    Leave feedback on my channel, subscribe if you like

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