I will be creating what I think will be the most organized, most professional, serious league that has ever been assembled.

My PSN is GKAI and I have Commished leagues for PS3 for leagues that have been super successful

I am in the process of creating a league of special, passionate and dedicated individuals that truly love game. My goal is to find 8 people that are mature and are ready to give themselves fully to this league. I want serious mature people only, no kids. I will be running a super serious league. Any foolishness and you will be asked to leave. Email communication will be very very important. You must be able to be contacted within a hour of being emailed. Responding to emails is important. Communication will be critical in this league.

I am creating a website with a premium chat Room , League Standings, etc.

The league will be simple ... 8 teams.. Two grouped divisions with 4 teams in each...everyone will play each other twice in that division ... two points for a win.. one point for a tie. All games will be played over a two week period then the top two teams in the division will move to a bracket style playoff system...one game , winner moves on to the next round until there are only two standing for the championship.. The league will kick off around Dec. 14 or 15. I will add 2 Teams every season until we have about 16 teams. England, Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Italy and Columbia are all taken already. WE ONLY NEED ONE MORE PERSON. PLEASE BE A DEDICATED PERSON.

I already have about 7 people committed and only 1 spot remains.. Act fast if you are seriously interested ... email me at [email protected] for further info..

I am working on the website now and it is only 50% done .. here it is ... it should be completed before we start Season One which would be around DEC. 14 ... http://www.theworldleague.freeforums.net/