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How to change kits? Teams names?

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    How to change kits? Teams names?


    I wanna change 2 teams and make my own teams.
    in Saudi Arabia league :
    Change the name of Al-Ahli to King Band FC
    Change the name of Al-Ettifaq to Red Hot United

    Also change the kits. (I used to do kits with PES for the PS2 with Game Graphic Studio... I guess it's a bit the same tool/way to change kits)

    I think I could do the kits, but I need a kit as an example (where everything is located), all the teams on Fifa 13 are built on the same way?

    What should I need? What tool? or if someone is okay, can I just make the kits and the teams logos and send him, like this he just has to replace the kits/logo and change those 2 teams names, than he send me the patch... ? (I guess I could do it, but I try the easiest way lol)

    Last question : actually I'm creating my players, Fifa allowes how many created players? (I need +/- 50 players for the 2 teams)

    Thanks !
    PS : Sorry if I send too much topics at the same time (3 for today)

    Re: How to change kits? Teams names?

    You don't have to swap any of the teams to make it work. For instance you can make a new one in Creation Master & assigh it to Rest of the world.

    But if you need to change the team name then the easiest way to do it is.. also in Creation Master :P


      Re: How to change kits? Teams names?

      Thanks for your quick and good answer
      It seems awesome ! So I could put my face on the game

      It's okay, I just need to know how to use this great application, if someone has a good tuto, it will help me

      I did my 2 teams, but I had to swap with 2 original teams (PAOK and Racing Club), because I was not able to do 2 new teams...



        Re: How to change kits? Teams names?

        Well, I did my 2 teams, it's perfect!

        But now I got a new prob... I try to do my face on Fifa 13... But I can't import my .PNG image, I have a window error 5015 saying that I don't have the correct resolution... My .PNG is 256*512 like the original... What must I do?