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Road To World Cup 2014 Patch (Expansion Available)

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    Re: Road To World Cup 2014 Patch (Expansion Available)

    Originally posted by sfm

    I appreciate your help on this.

    I'm getting more and more fustrating as RTWC2014 seems a great patch to me but I'm still unable to make it works.

    I have installed (I thought it was) a clean fifa13 by unzipping the file from the fifa13 DVD to a new directory.

    Then I started fifa13 and I'm seeing modding patch in it? Why is that so as the file unzipped come from the DVD?

    The question is, how can I get a fifa13 fresh install if I cannot get it from the DVD?

    I'm hanging on it as I really want to enjoy the RTWC2014 features.

    Thank you for your patience.

    First of you must install a new FIFA 13, a clean one from your DVD or download it from Origin. Remember to delete all your current FIFA13 files. After you did that and have a clean FIFA 13 follow this tutorial to set a new FIFA 13 for the RTWC patch: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=496

    After that you can follow all the install instructions in the RTWC mod folder.


      Re: Road To World Cup 2014 Patch (Expansion Available)


      I eventually managed to install and have RTWC2014 working

      I found that it is possible to have multiple FIFA 13 on a HDD but I also noticed that to switch between fewer FIFA 13 you need to rename the folder to have it works.

      For instance and in my case I have my original FIFA 13 (career mode) and my FIFA 13-RTWC2014 located in the Origin folder.

      If I want to play with FIFA 13-RTWC2014 I need to rename this folder as FIFA 13 otherwise it will not work and the reason being is that FIFA 13 file structure is in FIFA 13 so the game only recognize FIFA 13. If I try to play the game and folder is called FIFA 13-RTWC2014 or whatever the name you give it, it won't work. I have tried to place the FIFA 13-RTWC2014 out of Origin folder but same result.

      In an nutshell, you can have multiple FIFA 13 installed on your HDD but it won't work if the folder is not renamed to FIFA 13


        Re: Road To World Cup 2014 Patch (Expansion Available)

        i've downloaded the tlc patch & installed it on a new fifa 13 folder,,i dont know how to start the game.please help!!


          Soory for Necro posting but i recently got this patch and I have a problem. When i start the game and after the first screen (yellow one) I get to a green screen with brazil 2014 where i choose language. After i selected English, i literaly stay 10 miuntes in that screen only to get to the nex screen with brazill flag and 2014 and wait for another 10 miuntes for something to hapen. Only thing that works is sound. After 20 minutes i cant get in the menu.

          I have AMD FX6100 cloked at 3,6GHZ, GTX 780 Gigabyte, 8 GB DDR3 qt 1600 Mhz. All direct x and drivers uptodate. I run Windows 10 x64. Can you help me run this game ok? Maybe i have done something wrong.