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FIFA 13 Tournament

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    FIFA 13 Tournament

    Hi everyone !

    On Thursday, 27th of December at 12.00, a FIFA 13 Tournament on starts once again. I would like to present a list of rewards :

    1st place - great computer speakers : Creative Inspire A120 2.1 retail

    2nd place - one of the best keyboards for players : A4-TECH Xgame X7-G800V USB

    3rd place - 16GB pendrive : GoodDrive 16GB USB 2.0 CUBE Spring BOX

    Everybody can join to us! It's for FREE !
    Register your account at our site and join to competition. You can join at any time !

    Each season is divided into two parts:
    League part (14 days) and Cup. In the Cup starts the best 8 players. The first three places are awarded !

    Good luck and I hope that everything will be OK !
    Play fair and have fun !
    Direct link to the tournament -

    misticotsw, Administrator @