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Manager Life (beta) for FIFA 10 is out!

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    Manager Life (beta) for FIFA 10 is out!

    After twelve years of hard work I am happy to announce that I have just released the Manager Life (beta), which is a manager app for FIFA 10.

    Basically it's a manager game that allows you to play the matches in FIFA 10.

    It is still only a beta, and I've put all my efforts into the game mechanics and the AI, so the content (player names, club rankings etc.) is not like IRL. I have so far only included a few editing options, but my plan is to make all the content editable in the future. One of the things you can edit is the asset id of the clubs so this should allow for custom kits to work.

    Here's a short video that shows how to install and begin playing:

    Here are some screen shots taken from the game.

    If there is anyone still playing FIFA 10, I would love to get your opinion on this early version. My future plans involve making it work with more recent versions of FIFA (e.g. FIFA15).

    Finally, a link to where you can download the game:

    Get it here