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Photoshop Minikit Generator

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    Photoshop Minikit Generator

    Are you a kitmaker and have trouble to make minikits? Or are you not a kitmaker but have downloaded a beautiful kit without minikit and don't know how to make them?

    Yeah, your problems are kinda solved. I present you a pack to generate minikits with a little of EA Style just by using Photoshop + the kits textures in just a few steps.

    How does it work? It's simple. Follow the small tutorial below (my Photoshop is in portuguese, but I guess there's no trouble to understand the steps in the images). And please note that it's still a WIP. The long sleeves models have one base (collar 0) and the others are using Photoshop actions to make it work for now. Individual models for LS minikits are in the plans, but it may take a while.

    1- Download and extract one of the Models .rar. Here's a link to a Google Drive folder with all of them.

    2- Open the PSB file.

    3- Right click the intelligent object "Model" and click "Edit Content". Alternatively, you can double click the intelligent model thumbnail.

    4- Photoshop will now open a new window with the kit 3D model. Make sure you are with "Move tool" selected.

    5- Right click the 3D model and choose the 'Material' option (it's the one in the middle) and now you'll have to load your kit textures. In Diffuse, load your Color kit texture.

    5.1- You can also load the normal texture. It's optioal, but the result will be better with it. Also, the yellowish FIFA normal won't work correctly with Photoshop. You can convert them easily by opening a normal texture in Photoshop, creating layer painted with the color #8080ff and inserting the original yellow normal texture on top and with "overlay" in blending options.

    5.2- You can play around with Photoshop options for lightning or texture options before the next step to get different results.

    6- After loading the textures, it's important to render the 3d model. It may take a few seconds or minutes depending on yor machine. I guess it won't take more than 2 minutes.

    7- After rendered, just go to 'File > Save' and close 3D model window. Your minikit is ready! Just resize it to 256x256 and you're ready to import it to FIFA 18 or any other FIFA game.

    The Long Sleeves process:

    0- If your LS kit is collar 0, you won't have to follow the next steps. It has a single model, just render and your Minikit is ready like the Short Sleeves tutorial.

    1- Now that you know how the render stuff works, download this file and place in on "C:\Users"YOUR USER"\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 (or your current version)\Presets\Actions". You should see the "FIFA 18 Long Sleeves Collars" in your actions tab in Photoshop. Alternatively, if placing the file in the folder don't work, you can load it by clicking in the 4 stripes options in the Actions tab and then in "Load Actions...".

    2- Open your desired template PSB file (they are together with the short sleeves model).

    3- Let's get started with the LS minikits. Make sure the Short Sleeve folder is minimized as in the image below. You'll have to render the 2 models: "Model SS" and "Model LS" with the same configs. The template has an ok 3d settings for texture and layers, but you can mess around to get different results. In most cases, you'll only need to place the textures, render and save for both models.

    4- After the two renders, now comes the "tricky" part:
    4.1- Make sure to select the LS folder.
    4.2- Find the desired Collar action in the action panel. In this tutorial case, it's number 7.
    3.3- Click on play.

    6- If everything works fine, the minikit should be ready after the action is played. Just resize to 256x256 and export as DDS and you are ready to import it in FIFA.

    P.S.: Actions may be a little unstable in Photoshop, errors may occur at some point. Please report any mistakes so I can try fix them until the solo models are ready.

    P.S.2: You can also play with the layers overlay settings to get different results, like darker or lighter images.

    P.S.3: You can check my Minikit settings for Intel DDS plugin. They look good in game with this:

    Hope you all like it. Please give me feedback on how to improve.

    Fantastic tool and tutorial mate! Really appreciate for sharing it with us.