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FIFA 18 Wishlist

This is a sticky topic.
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    FIFA 18 Wishlist

    What would you like to see in FIFA 18?

    The best suggestions and ideas will be sent to EA Sports FIFA producers.

    Well, most wanted thing i guess is stadiums. I would like to see all Bundesliga and Championship stadiums most.

    Ok now little more realistic wishes:

    - custom goalnet (so we can choose net colour and design)
    - custom audio (its boring to play with some passionate teams which have good atmosphere like Rapid Wien, Poland teams, Basel, UEFA teams etc...if FIFA cant do chants for many of them, custom audio is best solution)
    - creation centre (most needed thing from old FIFAs)
    - adboards (when you play Tournament mode you can see some leagues have own ads like bundesliga, serie a etc and it would be good so when you play Kick off Exhibition match between same League teams example Bayern-Dortmund you can see those addons from tournament, not just annoying and boring generic adboards)
    - match day (could be back that good mod, so we can play just relaxing kick off match, just like NBA2k17 have nba today mod, you have list of all matches from that day, so you could play simulation of matches from that day)




        Teams and Leagues

        - Add more International teams for Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
        for Example Saudi Arabia, Japan and South Korea ( their leagues already added but the National teams not ! )
        Serbia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco ,United Arab Emirates .. etc.
        Some of players of some national teams are already in game, so it will be nice to have them in their national teams.

        - Brazilian league with real player names and kits. (not generic like FIFA 17 ! )

        - Try to take the rights for UEFA Champions League and Europa League, I think FIFA will make it better than PES.
        So we can play these competitions in career mode or The Journey.

        -More Leagues if it is possible.
        For Example there is no any African country League in game ! Egyptian League worth to be in game.


        - Add famous players who are playing in other leagues which are not in game in Free agents so he can be transferred in the career mode.

        - More Legends players who are not added to previous FIFA game. Many fans want to see Ronaldo de Lima, Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Baggio .. etc in the game.

        Team kits

        - National team kits must have real kits, like Portugal (Euro 2016 Champion), and other World national teams like Uruguay, Switzerland ... etc.
        I want all the national teams to have real kits not generic.

        - I don't want to see generic generic kits, at all, all the kits must be fixed. ( some teams have generic home and away kits or generic GK kits !)

        -Sleeve badges must be removed in friendly matches and added only when playing League or cup matches.
        ( I think they can do it because they did it in FIFA World cup 2014) the sleeve badges added only in Cup matches.

        - Update the game when there are third kits added later after the game released. ( Many of the teams don't release their third kits in the beginning of the season! )

        - If it is possible to choose more than one GK kit, sometimes GK kits colors clash with Team Player kit or the other teams kits, so an alternative GK kits available to choose.


        -More real faces for players which are not added to FIFA 17 , not only for Premier league , also for some Spanish, Italian,German, French Super teams.
        Many players have overall ratings more than 80 and don't have real faces! on the other side some young player have overall ratings less than 70 and have real faces !

        -Managers' faces for other leagues, or at least super European teams like Bayern Munchen, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Borussia Dortmund, PSG, Milan, Inter ..etc

        -Real Referees' faces in FIFA 18, for famous referees in the World, or at least for English Premier League Referees' faces for the beginning.


        add more stadiums for Super European teams not only English teams !

        Scoreboards, Overlays and adboards.

        It is good to see real scoreboards and TV overlays for Premier League and Bundesliga in FIFA 17, wish to see for other Leagues too.

        There is only Arabic and English commentaries in Middle East version of FIFA !
        it will be nice to other European Languages commentaries in this version.
        not only English is a second language in the Middle East !

        The Journey

        add more choices to choose a player from a country, for Example there is an English player or Spanish, Italian, German .. with different stories.
        to let the fans choose more Leagues not only English League or team !

        Creation Center

        Wish it will be back in FIFA 18, many Leagues and teams are not added and there are modders who make Leagues, teams and players.

        People spend money for buying FIFA game on XBOX ONE,PS4 or PC, and hope it worth to buy without mistakes.
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          simply possibility mods and custom audio


            Liga 1 Romania, does anyone have any idea if this year is coming?

            A kiss for the staff! :*:*

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