Hi everyone!

I want to edit callnames of FIFA 16... But it seems difficul...

when I open Cration Master 16 Beta there is a list in Audio tab. But this is not complete... (it was the same in fifa 15)

Some players haven't callnames linked but in the game there is a callname (I play with english commentary)

Dino Arslanagic
Geoffrey Bia
Bjorn Engels
Stefan Scepovic

Moreover the list in audio from Creation Master is not complete... Exemple there is a callnames "Boly" in game but not "Bolly" or "Boli" or "Bolly" record in creation master list...

Can someone help me? Is there a tool to see all callnames ID/record?

The aim is to add some callnames to players that have same name than others ones that have a callname...

Thanks a lot!