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FIFA 16 Demo Fixes and Troubleshooting

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  • Noway
    Hello guys,
    I rly need ur help. I have already speaking (chating) with one of us there in comments, like KOKOT ZPICENY about my problem with Lags in Fifa 16 Demo. I have like 3-5fps and whole PC lagging. CPU usage is about 95% usage while playing (or actually trying to launch) Fifa 16. But its really weard becouse Fifa 15 went rly well at my PC like 60 fps at max settings. My pc is kinda good for Fifa 16 imo, better that recommended specs. CPU- AMD FX 6300 Vishera, GPU AMD Asus r7 265 2GD5, 8gb ram.
    I want your help not really because of Demo but I dont know If i can buy a full fifa game or not.
    I will be really pleased if u help me somehow. Thank you

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  • geosir86
    hello, i experience some in game shuttering specially when then game goes fast such as shooting or high speed passing that shutterring is mostly when players are close to the box even with low settings, my current game setings is 1200x800, render high, msaa no, frame rate 60. aero disapled, i have tried several settings even with 30 fps the game with 30fps is more slow to me with this settings tahn in 60 fps, i think also its pretty the same with msaa 2x and the other settings the same, with those settigs i mention first i experience the lowest shutter but i want to manage playing without shutter at all. my specs are intel core 2 quad q600 2.40ghz 6gb ram, sapphire dual-x r9 280. also i have tried to make profile with catalyst and radeon pro but it only worst the things. please help me find a solution.

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  • Damien
    started a topic FIFA 16 Demo Fixes and Troubleshooting

    FIFA 16 Demo Fixes and Troubleshooting

    Bellow you can find the link to the main page of fixes and tips for the FIFA 16 demo issues:

    If you have problems with the demo post in this thread and be detailed about it! Don't forget to mention your platform or system specs if you're on PC.
    Last edited by Damien; 09-09-2015, 10:34 PM.