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FIFA 16 Suggestions [Official Thread]

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    FIFA 16 Suggestions [Official Thread]

    Just like last year, in this thread you can post all your suggestions and ideas on the next FIFA game which is FIFA 16! You can suggest improvements for all in game modes like Ultimate Team or Career Mode.

    All suggestions will be sent to the main EA Sports FIFA Series Producer!


    Bring back Creation Centre for Next-Gen Consoles with few updates:

    Minimal Birth Year 1998
    More Shoes
    More GK Gloves
    More Hairs
    More Facial Hairs
    Legging Pants

    Up to 35 Players in Squad
    Goalkeeper Jersey Customization


      I'm glad that EA paid a lot of attention to BPL. Face scans, stadiums, scoreboards added to the game, it makes it very realistic.
      My suggestions:
      - continue working on BPL realism - re-scan all teams in February to include players like Tadić, Alderweireld, Forster, Enner Valencia, Diafra Sakho, etc. and winter transfers
      - make Bundesliga or other leagues as realistic as BPL - scan players and stadiums, add scoreboards, etc.
      When it comes to realism, FIFA 15 is the most realistic football game ever. Let's make it even more realistic by adding those features!


        Dear developers, Thank you for the work you are doing every year!

        Want to see more global changes in career mode
        More control over the team and the club as a whole
        Real coaches on the edge and Cut-scenes to them
        GameFace improve function and return Creation Center
        Greater variety of cut scenes in the game
        more opportunities in the career of a player (Cut-scenes with player on press conference, during the transition to a new club, etc.)

        Russian Premier League seventh in the world and would like to see the license face players, though in the main commands: Zenit, Spartak, CSKA, Dinamo, Lokomotiv (charge EA Russia, though not relaxed) and the Russian team license of corse))


          - Add alternate shorts and socks for kits. For example, when playing as Manchester United, let us choose "Home", "Away" and "Alternate" kit. Then, let's say you pick "Home" kit, let us choose if that home kit is going to be wore with home or alternate shorts, and then with home or alternate socks.

          - Let us choose GK and referee kit before a match, so we can fully avoid colour clashes.

          - Add more realism when scoring off-side goals. I'd love to see players celebrating and commentators talking about how spectacular the goal was, only to realise it was off-side, and won't be valid. That would add more realism and emotion (PES has this since the PS2 days).

          - Let referees have bad calls on off-sides. I hate the fact that they never miss them. Sometimes, when a player is off-side by a few centimetres, linemen should just let the game keep going. In other words, make them hesitate if calling the offside or not. Same may go for fouls.

          - Make the flow game more rough, we want more fouls called by the referee!

          - Make AI teams change managers during career mode. Add a list of different managers with different tactics, so they can apply those tactics to the team they're working with. For example, Bayern sack Guardiola in career mode, so they no longer play "tiki-taka", they hired a manager who prefers counterattack, so Bayern now plays that way. No need for them to be real-life managers, just make them different.

          - Reinstate the coaching stuff, as it was in FIFA 07. Let us hire physiotherapist (less injuries and/or fatigue), attacking coach, defensive coach, GK coach, and even medical doctors, so injuried players could take less time to recover.

          - Let us pick a location to do a pre-season tour, so we can play a couple of matches against local teams. You could also add, pre-season tournaments, such as the "World Football Challenge Cup", or "Joan Gamper Trophy". You could also organise your own! No need for these tournament to be licensed.


            Introduce back Brasileirão please.


              New Stadiums for FIFA 16:

              Estadio da Luz (Benfica)
              Celtic Park (Celtic)
              CenturyLink Field (Seattle Sounders)
              Estadio do Maracana (Brazil)
              Estadio Dragao (Porto)
              BayArena (Bayer Leverkusen)
              Stade de Louis II (Monaco)
              Stade Velodrome (Marseille)
              Turk Telekom Arena (Galatasaray)
              El Monumental (River Plate)
              Ibrox Stadium (Rangers)
              Estadio Jose Alvalade (Sporting)
              Stadio San Paolo (Napoli)
              All La Liga Stadiums


                I think player movements should be FIFA 15 when players are entering the pitch, the walking movement of all the players is should be fixed for more realism in the game.



                  1) Replace every year's soundtrack list by "EA SPORTS Radio", a new feature that will provide up to date news (about FIFA and the football world), tips, conversations about football in general (past, present and future of the teams and tournaments; retired and historical players, current players and future promises as well), interviews with football players and managers, and a much longer soundtrack list playing between all the talk.

                  2) Allow that user can communicate with his team mates while in game. Football is a team game, and as any team game there must communication between players. I see the players without ball asking for passes. But what about the player with the ball? It doesn't make sense that in a football game there isn't the possibility to communicate with a team mate and ask him to do what I (the player with the ball) want him to do. How to do that? I am going to explain.
                  When our team is on the ball, by clicking the touch pad would liberate the R stick to allow us to ask our team mate the direction that we want him to go. So, if we want our team mate to get close to the player with the ball (which is us) to receive the ball, we would first have to click the touch pad and then flick the R stick in the direction of the player with the ball which would then make a gesture to his team mate asking him to get close. If instead, we wanted to ask our team mate to make a run between the opponent's defence, we would have to click the touch pad and then flick the R stick in the direction we want him to run, and the player with the ball would make a gesture pointing out the place he wants to pass the ball, so that his team mate start running in that direction. Then we could choose between actually passing the ball to our team mate or use the space he left empty after fooling and drag an opponent player with him with his run. At this time you might be thinking: "But how the CPU knows what's the player you want to communicate with?" The answer is simple. Always the near player ahead of you. So if there is only the striker of your team ahead of you, the striker it must be. If there is two or three players of your team in front of you, first the player closer to you. As you click the touch pad a different cursor signal will appear on top of the near player ahead of you, if you want to change that cursor to another player, just click the L1 button as you do to change the cursor when you are on defence. Simple. Well, some may not think that, but still, it is a big improvement on gameplay. This can also be useful to call back players of our team that are offside or to simply remove them out of our way so that we can run towards goal. "And when I turn my back on the goal? For instance when I am shielding the ball?" The logic is the same; the cursor will apear on top of the near player ahead of you. You can´t communicate with someone that is behind you and you can´t see, so you will be communicating with your midfielders, your defenders and even your goalkeeper if you want to (but you will not actually want to do that, will you?). You can even ask one of your midfielders to run behind you so that you can turn around and pass him the ball.

                  3) On defence you cannot activate a feature to communicate with your teammates by clicking the touchpad because that would activate the keeper's control. Also in defence there isn't time to communicate and nobody actually wants to lose time doing that. So I came up with a different feature for defence that would allow the user to control two players manually at the same time. By clicking the R3 button a different cursor will appear on top of the head of the nearest player of the player you are controling. Here to change the cursor you will have to keep clicking the R3 button because there isn't other way, but in fact it shouldn't be necessary. After you are fine with the chosen player just move that player with the Right stick to the direction you want him to go while you control the first player with the Left Stick. Note that you can only stand tackle, push, pull and slide tackle, with the player you are controlling with the Left Stick, with the Right Stick you can only position your second player where you want him to be, or make him follow an opponent. But still this can be a very usefull and effective tool because you will be able to intercept balls with other player and surround an opponent with two players, making it difficult for him to make a pass.

                  4) Some users want to actually play the game and don't lose time with ancillary things. So it would be a big step to allow the users in career mode to ask the scouters to scout the maximum of players they can manage to in one go. At the same time all the players found by the scouts should immediately become part of some sort of club database unless the user decide to remove them from there, because it doesn't make sense that a huge number of players simply vanish from club's database after the scout is sent to another place.

                  5) Cutscenes of Coaches – Show cutscenes of coaches giving orders to the team, contesting referees decisions, and their reactions to goals scored or conceded.

                  6) Improve IA - This isn't actually a suggestion to FIFA 16, but something that should be corrected in FIFA 15 already, by patch. Everybody has experienced already million bumps between their team's players while playing the game. Although there is times in football when two players of the same team decide to attack the ball at the same time and end up colliding with each other and ruining their team's move, the truth is that most often players acknowledge when they should let the ball to his team mate or get out of the way. That doesn't happen in FIFA. Often when I am running towards goal, there is always one team mate that just don´t understand that the only thing I want from him is that he get out of my way. Instead of trying to be useful, and drag an opponent defence with him for other area of the pitch so that I can have more empty space in front of me, he becomes a trammels running in front of me, constantly blocking my way, asking for the ball, doing all the work for the opponent team - If I keep running I collide against him, if I shot at goal he blocks the shot, and if I pass him the ball there is the chance that the ball simply bump against him and go for an opponent player or is simply offside. Besides my team mate never acknowledge I am trying to reach the goal, he also doesn't acknowledge he is offside. He would be much more useful if he just acknowledge I am trying to reach the goal or trying to take a shot at goal and he get out of my way dragging an opponent with him or simply stop his run or run behind me, waiting for a ball rebound after my shot, but when I lose the ball he is never on my back to grab it, he is just useless 90% of the times. In defence, midfield or attack, players of the same team should simply be much more aware of their teammates and avoid so much collisions between them.

                  7) Allow the user to play the Champions Cup and Euro League pre-playoffs. In the beginning of the career mode, the user would have to decide which teams were already qualified to the group stages of both competitions because some places in those groups would have to be left empty waiting for the pre-playoffs games to be played. Then the user would have to decide which teams would have to play the pre-playoffs and would have to place them ones against others. After the beginning of the Career Mode once all the pre-playoffs games were played all the groups of both competitions would be completed. Note that the eliminated teams in Champions Cup pre-playoffs are relegated to Euro League.

                  8) Allow the user to swap teams from different countries when deciding Champions Cup and Euro League groups.

                  9) Make a generic version of Clubs World Cup.

                  10) On Team Management, allow the user to decide the way he wants to approach every set piece: which players go up on the field, which stay back on defence, where we want to place the players to head the ball, how many and which players position themselves to take the free kicks, etc...

                  11) My final suggestion would be to hire me so that I don't make EA's work for free again.
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                    Referee mode - start a career as the referee, as a head referee or an assistant !


                      All The FIFA Manager 14 features no FIFA 16 Career Mode..
                      I look so much..

                      sorry my english (google translator)
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                        National teams that must be added:

                        Bosnia and Herzegovina
                        Costa Rica

                        Also add licensed kits to all current national teams and to new ones as well.


                          Originally posted by SalzZzzz View Post
                          I think player movements should be FIFA 15 when players are entering the pitch, the walking movement of all the players is should be fixed for more realism in the game.
                          Agree with you.


                            bring backk player trading!!!


                              Less momentum?